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We can transform the physical appearance and level of hygiene of your site in Gravesend.

We’re fully equipped to handle all your brick cleaning needs in Gravesend.

Red bricks have remained a favoured choice in UK construction for centuries due to their durability and energy efficiency. When properly cared for and maintained, these bricks can withstand the harshest conditions for a lifespan of up to 650 years.

However, brick walls and structures are not immune to the effects of weather, pollution, and general wear and tear. As time passes, such factors can degrade their appearance and lead to deterioration, making it necessary to repoint or replace some bricks.

Here at ICE Cleaning, we understand the value of preserving the quality and aesthetics of bricks. We take pride in offering eco-friendly brick cleaning services for all brick surfaces. Using the TORIK Brick Cleaning System, an exceptionally effective and efficient method, we ensure the restoration of any brick surface. With our specialised approach, your brick surfaces will maintain their visual appeal and structural integrity.

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Why choose us

Why choose us?

  • Cater to a wide variety of cleaning situations
  • Nationwide coverage, available 24/7
  • Cater to commercial and domestic clients
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We’re fully accredited

We place best practise, professional expertise and health and safety at the core of our business. We’re fully compliant with all legal obligations. You can view a list of our accreditations below, or visit our Health & Safety page for more information.

Dewpoint® Professional Corporate Membership

Our brick cleaning experts are available for clients across the nation, including Gravesend.

When you contact us, we will request a video or pictures of your brick surface. This helps our team of specialists determine the most effective cleaning method tailored to your specific needs.

Before cleaning your brick, we conduct a comprehensive risk assessment. This evaluation allows us to identify potential hazards and visually inspect the brick surface for any signs of wear and tear, such as cracks, chips, or structural issues.

Our expert technicians will use our innovative TORIK Brick Cleaning System using gentle steam with low-pressure, non-abrasive water. This advanced method has proven highly successful in removing germs and various contaminants, including grease, chewing gum, pigeon guano, and biological growth.

We take pride in serving residential, commercial, and industrial customers with a success rate of 100%. You can rely on us to skilfully restore the surface of your brick. Our commitment to excellence ensures exceptional results, enhancing the visual appeal and structural integrity of your brick.

What types of bricks are used in construction?

We use various brick classes for specific structures, each designed with distinct intentions. The type of bricks chosen for a brick house will differ from those used in an underground tunnel, as the latter requires specialised protection.

Bricks are manufactured under different conditions, tailored to meet specific aesthetics and quality standards. In the UK, there are four classes of bricks that we commonly use:

Engineering bricks

These withstand extreme conditions, such as low temperatures, excess moisture, and intense compression strength. They have high resistance to chemicals, making them ideal for projects involving underground works, foundations, and water-related structures.

Common bricks

Often mismatched in colour, these bricks serve projects where aesthetic appeal is not a priority. They are commonly employed in shared walls or as a second layer, paired with facing bricks.

Concrete blocks

Though not traditional bricks, concrete blocks are a cost-effective alternative with strong barriers, heat and water resistance, and good thermal conductivity. They have extensive use in construction and support projects.

Facing bricks

These are the bricks we typically encounter, used on the exterior of buildings for their aesthetic appeal. Created from clay fired at high temperatures, they possess weather resistance, heat resistance, and energy efficiency properties, ensuring both visual allure and practicality.

By selecting the appropriate brick classes for different applications, we ensure that each structure has the right combination of strength, protection, and aesthetic appeal to meet its intended purpose effectively.

Essential brick maintenance tips

Conduct regular inspection

You should inspect your brick surface regularly and identify any signs of damage, like cracks, plant growth, water damage, moss, or mildew growth. If you notice any signs of deterioration, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a professional brick cleaner who can thoroughly assess the property.

Use gentle cleaning methods

When performing routine maintenance, use a gentle cleaning approach. Use warm water and mild soap with a hard bristle brush to clean the brick surface. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals or wire brushes, as they can potentially cause damage to both the bricks and the surface.

Avoid brick acid cleaners

Do not use brick acid cleaners unless you are a qualified brick cleaner with the proper knowledge of their application. Brick acid cleaners contain highly corrosive solutions that can dissolve mortar and cement, posing a significant risk of serious burns if they touch unprotected skin.

We cover all areas in the Borough of Gravesham in Kent, including:

  • Chalk
  • Cobham
  • Culverstone Green
  • Harvel
  • Higham
  • Istead Rise
  • Meopham
  • Northfleet
  • Shorne
  • Vigo Village

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