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Specialist mould cleaning services - 12-month guarantee included.

Our experienced technicians will be able to successfully diagnose the root cause of the mould and use industry-leading technology to prevent it from festering even further. We provide mould remediation services to both commercial and domestic clients across the nation. With teams stationed in a variety of locations, we can be on the scene within just an hour of your call to action.

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Mould Remediation FAQs

The basics

Do you offer testing and sampling?

Yes – ICE Cleaning Solutions offer mould sample testing to determine the level of mould in your property. Our specialists will collect samples of microorganisms from the air and surfaces affected to be analysed under close inspection, from which we can produce vital information about the air quality and level of threat that the mould poses to your health.

Do you treat the mould spores in the air as well as the visual mould?

Our technicians will treat both visual and airborne mould spores in the property. Airborne mould particles can be especially hard to detect as they are not visible to the human eye, so specialist technology is required.

Technologies used

Is the chemical you use harmful?

All chemicals we use are safe and non-abrasive, meaning they pose no threat to your health.

On the day

Will I have to vacate the property?

We may ask you to vacate the property whilst carrying out the mould remediation service as the mould spores being targeted pose health risks to those without correct personal protective equipment (PPE).

Customer care

Do you provide a guarantee?

We provide a 12-month guarantee on our mould services, as well as prevention advice going forward.

Customer reviews

Our happy customers have rated our service as
4.9 on Google.

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Jordan Rush

Star Star Star Star

1 month ago

While my partner and I were redecorating and removing old wallpaper we unfortunately found a lot of black mould. ICE Cleaning were able to come out…

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Posted on Google

inca ink

Star Star Star Star Star

2 months ago

I used ICE cleaning's mould remediation service for a renovation property. Not only did they give me the best price available on the market via…

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Posted on Google

Edo Pre

Star Star Star Star Star

2 months ago

Yaro and the people from Ice Cleaning are truly amazing. This is an honest review and is a long story. We were supposed to move in our new apartment…

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Posted on Google

Helen Teresa Edwards

Star Star Star Star Star

2 months ago

Used the mould remediation service to sort out mould caused by condensation. Very pleased with the result

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Posted on Google

Fay Westray

Star Star Star Star Star

3 months ago

Mould or fungus had started to grow in the well of the passenger seat of my car, probably as it had not been used much during lockdown.I used the web…

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Posted on Google

Debra Burdis

Star Star Star Star Star

4 months ago

I discovered a mould problem in a bedroom behind a wardrobe on a Saturday and by the end of Monday Ice Cleaning had sorted it out. It was an…

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Posted on Google

Rebecca Price

Star Star Star Star Star

5 months ago

I’m so impressed with Ice-cleaning. I genuinely don’t ever get round to leaving reviews but felt compelled to after receiving such a good…

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Posted on Google

Laura Portway

Star Star Star Star Star

8 months ago

A very professional company that provided an instant quote and started worked promptly. They were helpful and reliable and kept us constantly…

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Posted on Google
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  • All technicians hold professional health and safety qualifications, including BICSc, IOSH, Dewpoint Professional & Safe Contractor 

We’re fully accredited

We place best practise, professional expertise and health and safety at the core of our business. We’re fully compliant with all legal obligations. You can view a list of our accreditations below, or visit our Health & Safety page for more information.

Dewpoint® Professional

Did you know that dead mould spores are just as harmful as live ones?

According to Shelter England, around 4% of households in the UK have damp in their home. Mould is considered a severe health risk to any person that inhales or comes into contact with it, so it’s important that you seek professional assistance as soon as you first spot it.

Call The Professionals

Mould spores are toxic and can cause a range of health problems. If inhaled, mould can have long-term effects on your respiratory system, cause throat irritation, damage your lungs and develop nasal congestion. Those with existing medical conditions, including asthma and allergies, should be particularly wary of mould. The permanent damage that moulds can cause should not be underestimated.

Acting quickly and responsibly can make all the difference. If you notice mould festering within your property, it’s vital that you contact a professional cleaning company, such as ICE, as soon as possible – regardless of the size of the affected areas. Mould can spread exceptionally fast on physical surfaces, as well as through the air. Airborne mould spores are invisible, meaning you will require professional equipment to identify them. Our technicians have access to advanced thermal imaging technology which can be used to detect both visible and invisible mould spores. Airborne particles are the most dangerous form of mould as they can quickly and easily float towards other rooms within your property, allowing the problem to spread without you even realising. 

A professional company will also be able to correctly identify the cause of the mould growth as well as the extent of the moisture.

We provide fully-trained mould specialists who have had years of experience in the field of mould remediation. We heavily invest in all industry-leading technologies and solutions to ensure that we successfully eradicate all visible and invisible toxins, whilst avoiding cross-contamination. Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We’ll never leave a site until we’re convinced that the job has been carried out to the best of our ability, and only once you’re completely satisfied. 

If mould is running rampant within your property and you are based within the London area, visit our Mould Cleaners London page.

Our Mould Specialists Are Dewpoint Accredited

Dewpoint is the leading, independent provider for professional training, consultancy and auditing services. Their courses are known to produce technicians that have exceptional knowledge and skills once they have successfully completed the course, their bespoke services allow individuals to better themselves constantly when in their day to day routines. 

Our technicians here at ICE who specialise in mould remediation are required to complete the accredited training programs Dewpoint offer before they have the opportunity to work with our customers. Dewpoint courses allow our technicians to thoroughly understand the fundamental principles of mould remediation, physiology, sampling, decontamination techniques and more. The course has a significant focus on the scientific approach to remediation and mitigation. 

We ensure all technicians are accredited members of Dewpoint to give our customers peace of mind when we are working within your property. You can feel completely at ease in the knowledge that each one of our mould cleaners has successfully completed the mould remediation programme and are an official Dewpoint accredited members.

ICE's Mould Remediation Procedure

Mould is a severe and dangerous issue that can cause long term chronic illnesses. Our mould specialists have the process down to a T, from decontaminating all the affected areas to removing all forms of unpleasant odours from the buildings. Our mould cleaners are highly trained within the service of mould remediation. They've complete access to all of the industry-leading equipment and solutions, which will leave you with outstanding results. Below we have listed some of the processes we go through within the service of mould remediation to halt and eradicate any mould growth:

Mould Removal And Decontamination

Our mould removal service and decontamination include an initial mould survey to determine the extent of the mould problem. There are various types of mould, 12 to be precise, these include;

Acremonium – Extremely hazardous to human health, to the extent of causing impaired brain function. Usually grows in window sealant, cooling coils and humidifier systems.

Alternaria– The most common kind of allergenic mould. Can be found in showers, sinks, bathtubs. A significant sign of water damage.

Aspergillus – Like the mould type Alternaria, this mould is also allergenic but can become toxic to human health. Is known to form thick layers of mould and comes in a variety of colours.

Aureobasidium – This is known to be allergenic and can often be located behind wooden, wallpaper or painted surfaces. 

Chaetomium – Low risk to human health, this type of mould can be found in the majority of buildings that are severely water damaged. Generally found near or in drywall, basements, roofs and pipes.

Cladosporium – Slightly allergenic and is typically found in fabric materials, upholsteries, cabinets and wood flooring.

Fusarium – Known to be both a toxic hazard and an allergenic, frequently found on wallpaper, carpet and many other fabrics as well as known to grow on food. 

Mucor – Allergenic and will be located near any form of old or damp carpets, AC units and HVAC ducting.

Penicillium – Can be allergenic and will most commonly be found in water-damaged buildings usually within mattresses, carpets, wallpaper. 

Stachybotrys (AKA Black mould) – The most commonly known mould and a highly toxic one at that. You will find black mould located around areas that are wet, damp and have been humid for a couple of weeks. 

Trichoderma – Allergenic and will be found on wet or damp fabric materials, carpets, wallpaper and other surfaces that can soak in moisture. 

Ulocladium– This type of mould is toxic to human health and allergenic, the mould growth will often be found in basements, bathrooms, kitchens, any areas where there is extreme water damage or high levels of condensation. 

There, unfortunately, is no one solution that fits all when it comes to the variety of mould spores. While one mould removal product we use will completely eradicate a specific mould type, it could have little to no effect on another version of mould growth. 

The decontamination and mould remediation service will only truly work if performed by a mould specialist who has prior knowledge of all types of mould growth. We've had years to trial and test a variety of techniques, methodologies, and devices to see how individual moulds react with our mould removal solutions. 

Once we understand the type of toxin and the extent of the damage within your property, our mould cleaners can suit up in the correct PPE and start the mould removal service, which is then followed by a decontamination process.

Odour Removal (Not Always Required)

Depending on the type of environment that caused the progression of mould will determine whether any foul odours are present within the property. If you have a strong ventilation system within your premise, the likelihood that the odour has spread throughout is very high. 

Our mould specialists can rectify this problem using a variety of sealing odour removal solutions and fogging that will eradicate the foul odours for the long term.

Drying Solutions

The result of mould appearing indicates that there is a moisture or damp issue within the property. The affected areas must be dried to prevent the mould spores from spreading throughout the entire premise. We ensure to invest in only the industry-leading technology, combined with our experience, this always results in our services being a notch above the rest, especially when it comes to services such as mould remediation.

Our customer’s health is at risk due to the mould spores being toxic; therefore, our mould specialists will always go above and beyond to make your premise completely safe again. You can feel at peace in the knowledge that your property will be effectively dried. 

Find out more about our drying solutions service.

Preventing Cross-Contamination

Due to the experience and knowledge of our mould cleaners, we understand the best precautions to put in place to stop any form of cross-contamination, whether that is through touch or airborne toxins. Our mould specialists will work through your property within negative air pressure to significantly reduce the risk of airborne cross-contamination. Correct PPE is worn and correctly disposed of when leaving the contaminated area to stop any form of touch cross-contamination from occurring. 

Mould Sampling

Mould spores and fungi are widespread contaminants in both indoor and outdoor environments. Our mould specialists will perform a series of mould sample testing to determine whether your building is currently a severe health hazard from the exposed mould toxins. Our mould sampling process involves collecting surface and airborne microorganisms to evaluate the level of toxicity. 

Airborne mould spores are not visible to the human eye, which is why they need to be sampled and tested. The result will determine the type of mould that is within the property as well as assessing the kind of long-term damage it could pose on an individual if inhaled. Mould spore samples are captured by using a pump that forces pressurised air through a collection device, which ultimately catches the mould spores. The mould spores that are being analysed can be used to gather data about other mould toxins that may be present within the house. We can then make a scientifically based recommendation concerning the level of risk that is currently present within the building along with what type of action will be needed to control and eradicate the contaminant. 

After the mould remediation process is complete, a new set of samples are generally taken to ensure all of the toxic microorganisms have been completely eradicated. 


There are a variety of devices to choose from; these all collect mould spores from the air so the toxins can be analysed. Below we have briefly explained some of the standard technologies we use when on a mould removal service:

Airborne particle collector: This device traps the mould spore directly onto the culture dish. This specific technology can be utilised to identify different types of mould spore varieties that have been caught.

Impaction sampler: Utilising a calibrated air pump to thrust the mould spore toxins on the already prepared microscope slide.

Mould sampling, when completed by a mould specialist, under the strictest of conditions, can be beneficial when it comes to comparing the relative particle levels between the problematic areas and the control areas. The results, when analysed professionally, can produce vital information when comparing the air quality and mould particle levels from before and after the mould removal service. 

Internal Mould Cleaners

When it comes to mould growth within a property, very often the damp or mould affected area will be concealed within the structure of the building, this includes being under floorboards, behind skirting boards and within cavities. Calling in a specialist mould cleaner immediately is imperative to reducing the amount of damage that will have already been caused. While the mould spores visually are only just appearing and seem only to affect a minimal area of the property, the probability that the mould has been festering within the structure is high. 

Our mould specialists will implement an array of technologies, first to identify and then analyse the contamination within the hidden or hard to see areas without causing any further damage to the building or its contents. Using state of the art equipment and high-performance anti-microbial solutions, we not only treat the mould that you can see but, also and more importantly, treat the air to eradicate any airborne contaminants that are roaming around your property.

Damp diagnostics and mould remediation should only be performed by a thoroughly trained mould specialist who has the knowledge and completely understands the methodology behind the procedures and processes.

If mould has arisen as a result of a flood, visit our Mould From Flooding page for more details about how we can help you.

External Mould Removal Service

While you would think that mould can only survive within the warm comfort of your property, you are unfortunately mistaken. Mould or mildew can show up on the exterior side of your walls as a dark-stained visual. The mould that appears on the external feature is due to excessive shade, always damp from rain or high humidity for a duration of time. Mould not only looks unsightly and off-putting for potential customers or clients if on a business building but it can also eat away at your paintwork whilst damaging the structure of the building, weakening the design with every passing day.

Calling a mould remediation service immediately will hinder the mould growth from further damaging your building and its visual aesthetic look. Furthermore, fast action will hinder any mould spores from leaving the surface and becoming airborne, which will increase the risk of any individual nearby breathing in the toxin.

Area We Cover

We're well-known and have a strong presence across the UK, serving in cities such as;

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