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Individual Cigarette Smoke Odour Removal Services

We use only the latest, industry-leading tools and equipment to carry out our cigarette smoke odour removal services in Snodland.

We guarantee an excellent level of service and outstanding results every time.

The presence of cigarette smoke odour on surfaces, upholstery, and fabrics can pose a significant health risk to both individuals and their surrounding environment. These odours can linger and be challenging to eliminate, particularly in commercial and domestic settings.

At ICE Cleaning, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and specialised solution to this issue. Our high-quality methods and expertise eradicate stubborn cigarette odours and restore your home's environment. We aim to create a smoke-free environment that promotes physical and mental well-being.

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Why choose us?

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We’re fully accredited

We place best practise, professional expertise and health and safety at the core of our business. We’re fully compliant with all legal obligations. You can view a list of our accreditations below, or visit our Health & Safety page for more information.

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We’re paving the way for cigarette smoke odour removal services in Snodland.

Our skilled technicians employ cutting-edge equipment and advanced cleaning techniques to neutralise cigarette smoke odours. Our approach focuses on eliminating the source of the odour, not simply masking it, resulting in a restoration of the area.

Our services utilise a combination of thorough cleaning, specialised deodorisation methods, and air purification technologies, ensuring the complete and long-lasting removal of all traces of cigarette smoke. These industrial solutions are carefully selected to ensure efficiency while decreasing the presence of toxins lingering indoors.

At ICE Cleaning, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results and ensuring customer satisfaction. We work closely with each client to understand their unique needs and tailor our services accordingly.

What is thirdhand smoke?

The remnants of cigarette smoke that remain in the environment long after the smoke has cleared are thirdhand smoke. This type of smoke can affect people who inhale it directly or are close to it, and it leaves behind dangerous compounds that settle on different surfaces.

Indoor surfaces such as walls, furniture, carpets, curtains, and clothing covered in toxic contaminants can remain damaged for months or even years after smoking has stopped. These chemicals accumulate over time and can chronically expose you to toxic substances. Studies indicate that thirdhand smoke can be just as harmful to your health as firsthand and secondhand smoke.

What surfaces are vulnerable to thirdhand smoke?

Thirdhand smoke presents a challenge when it comes to elimination due to its ability to cling to surfaces and saturate porous materials. Even after smoking has stopped, it continues to pose health concerns. It can be absorbed by various surfaces, including:


Curtains, carpets, and upholstery are susceptible to the effects of cigarette smoke particles. The smoke particles can easily penetrate the fibres of these fabrics, making it difficult to eliminate the lingering odour. The trapped particles can linger in the fabric, requiring specialised cleaning methods to remove them.

Ceilings and walls

Over time, smoke particles accumulate on ceilings and walls, leaving behind a sticky residue that is challenging to clean. This residue poses a cleaning difficulty and stains the surfaces.

Hard surfaces

Cigarette smoke odours can also cling to hard surfaces such as tables and floors. The smoke particles settle on these surfaces, forming a layer that can be stubborn to remove. 

Electronic devices

The particles from cigarette smoke can infiltrate electronic equipment, including computers and televisions. Over time, these particles can damage the internal components of the devices, leading to malfunctions and defects. 


The vehicle upholstery and air conditioning system are prone to harbouring smoke odours. Cigarette smoke particles easily cling to the interior surfaces of cars, making it challenging to eliminate the odours completely. 

Understanding the extent to which thirdhand smoke penetrates these various surfaces and materials shows the importance of expert cleaning and restoration efforts to eliminate health risks and restore a property.

We cover all areas in the Tonbridge and Malling district of Kent, including:

  • Addington
  • Aylesford
  • Branbridges
  • Beltring
  • Blue Bell Hill
  • Borough Green
  • Burham
  • Ditton
  • East Malling
  • East Peckham
  • Eccles
  • Golden Green
  • Hadlow
  • Ightham
  • Larkfield
  • New Hythe
  • Offham
  • St. Mary's Platt
  • Shipbourne
  • Stansted
  • Tonbridge
  • Wateringbury
  • West Malling
  • West Peckham
  • Wouldham

Does thirdhand smoke linger for a long time?

The duration of thirdhand smoke can vary based on multiple factors, including the amount of smoking, the degree of ventilation, and the surface type.

Research indicates that smoke particles can persist on surfaces for a prolonged period, from weeks to years, following smoking. Tobacco Control asserts that smoke residue can adhere to surfaces for up to six months after smoking cessation.

It is advisable to clean and disinfect any area where smoking has taken place thoroughly to minimise exposure to thirdhand smoke.

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