Can Mould Affect Your Pregnancy?

Tuesday 12th December 2023

Ellen Warren

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When a patch of mould starts to grow on the bathroom wall or in damp corners, you may think it is just an unsightly nuisance. However, when expecting a baby, you may feel more uneasy and even worried for your baby's health, especially if you spot mould in your home.

If mould in your home is concerning you during a vulnerable time, ICE Cleaning can help. Our team offer mould remediation services nationwide, providing same-day cleaning for emergencies, which you can request with our team upon making a request.

Read on to learn about how to protect yourself and your unborn child from mould exposure.

Understanding mould and its potential impact on pregnancy

Mould is a fungus that thrives in damp environments, but when exposed to pregnant individuals, there may be risks. Pregnancy brings about changes in the body that can make people sensitive to environmental factors like mould.

While not all moulds are harmful, some types like Stachybotrys chartarum, commonly known as black mould, produce toxins potentially harmful to anyone, regardless of pregnancy status.

The science behind mould exposure during pregnancy

Although many research papers are inconclusive on the matter, some studies suggest potential links between high levels of household mould and problems such as allergies or respiratory issues, which may indirectly impact pregnancy. 

One study discovered that prolonged mould exposure, "is associated with the development of atopic dermatitis" in young children. These reactions might increase the risk of complications of further skin conditions and mould allergies later in life.

Another piece of research, highlighted by the National Library of Medicine, indicates that mould exposure in young children could lead to the development of asthma later in life. However, it is unclear whether or not this can be traced back to the pregnancy stage.

Health risks associated with mould exposure in expectant mothers

Mould exposure, regardless of pregnancy status, can cause health risks, such as allergic reactions and respiratory issues. Allergies can trigger uncomfortable symptoms like sneezing, itching or skin rashes. However, with asthmatic individuals, mould exposure could trigger asthma attacks.

Respiratory problems are another risk factor. Breathing difficulties due to mould spores may lead to chronic coughs or, more uncommonly, pneumonia. The expectant mother's discomfort could increase stress levels, which is not ideal for foetal development.

A rare but serious consequence of prolonged mould exposure is pulmonary haemorrhage – a condition characterised by bleeding from the lungs – although this is extremely rare, it has occurred before.

Preventive measures against mould exposure during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of joy but also brings certain health concerns. One such worry could be mould exposure. To keep both you and your baby safe from potential harm, follow these steps:

  • Ensure ventilation in your home by using extractor fans, standing fans, or opening windows often
  • Use dehumidifiers in damp areas
  • Address water leaks immediately, whether from the plumbing or the roof
  • Properly insulate walls, roofs, and floors to prevent condensation
  • Routinely clean and dust your home
  • Dry wet items, such as clothing and towels, outside or on heated clothes horses
  • Regularly clean and maintain gutters

Medical interventions for pregnant women exposed to mould

Your doctor may suggest allergy medications or inhalers if respiratory symptoms appear due to mould exposure. These treatments are generally safe during pregnancy, but always consult a healthcare professional before starting any medication. NHS provides detailed guidelines on medicines in pregnancy, which can be helpful.

In more severe cases, doctors might recommend immunotherapy. It is an approach used when other treatments are ineffective, aiming to desensitise the immune system to specific allergens like mould.

Lastly, hiring a professional cleaning service could remove the source of the problem – eliminating the presence of mould from your home environment entirely.

Future research directions on mould exposure during pregnancy

There is a clear need for more studies to shed light on the potential effects of mould exposure during pregnancy. Our current understanding is limited, and new research could help fill these gaps.

The focus should be broad and specific: exploring the overall health implications, while also identifying unique risks posed to pregnant women and their developing babies. This approach would give us a more comprehensive view of this complex issue.

To move this vital conversation forward, individuals impacted by the issue may work together with cleaning specialists, medical personnel, and researchers in a unified effort.

Although research is ongoing, you must prevent mould growth in your home and develop a strategy to keep colonies at bay. Regardless of your status, you may be at risk of mould allergies and potential chronic illnesses.

Frequently asked questions

Is mould harmful when pregnant?

Mould exposure can potentially harm expectant mothers and their unborn babies, but research is still ongoing.

Can I sleep in a mouldy room while pregnant?

You should avoid sleeping in a mouldy room during pregnancy as this could risk your health.

Is it safe to sleep in a room with mould?

Sleeping in a room with mould is not recommended because prolonged exposure may lead to various health problems such as allergies and breathing difficulties.

Is it safe to stay in a house with black mould?

Avoid staying in houses infested by black mould. It releases toxins which are harmful to everyone, especially those who are vulnerable like expectant mothers.

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