Does Heat Kill Mould?

Wednesday 30th August 2023

Ellen Warren

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Every homeowner has faced the unsightly and potentially harmful problem of mould at some point. When left to its own devices, mould can cause significant breathing difficulties and other health concerns. One common query relates to whether or not heat can effectively eliminate mould.

Here at ICE Cleaning, our high-quality mould remediation services are paving the way for mould removal in the UK. Our Dewpoint-accredited team are council-approved and works closely with local authorities to adhere to the newly enforced Awaab's law, ensuring the elimination of all traces of mould.

Read on to learn more about how temperature affects these fungi and explore effective prevention methods for your home or business premises.

What is mould?

Mould is a specific fungus that thrives in warm and humid environments. It can attach itself to various surfaces, causing potential harm to both the structure it grows on and the individuals who come into contact with it.

This microorganism reproduces by releasing spores into the air, settling onto other areas and growing under favourable conditions. The cycle of mould growth and reproduction is relentless unless preventive measures or treatments, such as specialist cleaning services, are employed.

In addition to physical damage, mould exposure can lead to health complications such as allergies and respiratory issues, making its eradication crucial for maintaining a healthy living environment.

How to identify mould

Mould often reveals itself as dark blotches or smudges on walls or other surfaces. The signs can be subtle, but the impact is significant. It grows in various colours ranging from black and green to even red. This change in colour on your surface is usually the initial indicator of a mould problem.

Mould also produces a peculiar musty odour that fills the air around it. If you encounter an unusual scent lingering in certain parts of your property - especially damp areas like bathrooms or basements - it might signal concealed mould growth.

How does heat impact mould?

It is a common misconception that heat alone promotes mould growth, similar to how it aids other life forms. Mould is highly dependent on moisture for its survival and propagation. 

By controlling humidity levels in an environment, you can effectively hinder its spread, according to scientific studies. Naturally, raising temperatures within your property essentially dries out the atmosphere.

This reduction in water content creates conditions unfavourable for mould to thrive. However, turning on your heating system will not completely eradicate a severe mould problem.

Can heat kill mould?

While heat can inhibit mould growth, it may not necessarily kill mould on its own. Mould spores are resilient and can withstand high temperatures up to 60°C. Simply increasing the temperature in your home may not be enough to eliminate mould.

However, heat can be part of a comprehensive mould remediation strategy. When combined with other methods, such as thorough cleaning, proper ventilation, and addressing the source of moisture, heat can help remove mould.

Other ways to prevent mould

Using heat as a preventive measure can effectively stop mould growth before it becomes a problem. By implementing these steps, you can create an environment less likely to experience mould growth. These include:

  • Allowing air to circulate freely around your residence for moisture to dissipate.
  • Using dehumidifiers to reduce humidity levels.
  • Ensuring proper insulation to prevent condensation.
  • Regularly cleaning and drying areas prone to moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Using heat sources like heaters or radiators in areas susceptible to mould growth

What to do when you see mould

Mould can quickly invade your home, making it essential to act immediately. You may try to clean the mould-infested area with a potent detergent or bleach solution, but this is not recommended as these products are unsafe to use and will not fully eradicate the issue.

Professional assistance through mould remediation services can effectively identify the root cause of the mould and remove it, preventing its return with specialised preventative measures. Tackling mould promptly and thoroughly significantly contributes to maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

Frequently asked questions

What temperature will kill mould?

Mould spores die at temperatures above 60°C. However, they can survive in extreme heat and cold conditions by going dormant.

Will heating a room kill mould?

The room must be heated to a high enough temperature for an extended period to eradicate mould effectively, but this is not a reliable method.

Does heat get rid of black mould?

High temperatures can eliminate black mould, but remember that thorough cleaning and drying are also essential steps in this process.

What kills mould instantly?

Industrial-grade solutions are utilised by cleaning companies to eradicate mould growth immediately.

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Our qualified team utilise the latest technology to not only detect mould but also eradicate it from your building. With ICE Cleaning's mould removal services, your home is protected with our lifetime guarantee*, where we will return free of charge if mould starts to grow on your property again.

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