How To Clean Indian Sandstone

Thursday 16th November 2023

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

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Indian sandstone is a popular type of paving as it is a durable, easy to maintain, and cost-effective material. But the finish can easily be marred by grime, lichen, algae, and moss, all of which can also lead to structural damage over time.

Here at ICE Cleaning, we offer our stone cleaning services nationwide. Our technicians can eliminate all biological growth and other stains without damaging the stonework underneath. They have experience cleaning buildings, pathways, and patios with our eco-friendly solutions. 

Keep reading to find out the benefits of cleaning your Indian sandstone and how to keep it in good condition. 

Why you should clean your Indian sandstone regularly

Your Indian sandstone paving will quickly lose its appeal when covered with stains and dirt. Regular cleaning not only maintains its aesthetic but also extends its lifespan.

Sandstone is porous in nature, making it susceptible to staining. Rainwater can wash down various pollutants onto your stone paving which then seep into the pores and cause discolouration. Dirt particles can be blown onto the surface by wind or be trodden in by footfall, too.

Organic growths such as lichen, algae, and moss pose a significant threat to your sandstone's cleanliness over time, as well, thanks to our damp climate. They cling stubbornly to surfaces causing unsightly green patches that are tough to remove without proper treatment.

Lichen in particular presents an especially hardy challenge due their unique ability for photosynthesis. They create food from light allowing them persist even on bare rock. 

Regular cleaning can eliminate stains and growth before they build up, keeps your paving looking pristine, and is necessary for preventing damage.

How to clean Indian sandstone 

Although there are lots of at-home cleaning methods recommended online, you should always bring in professionals for cleaning Indian sandstone. The wrong product and technique can be ineffective or even cause damage to your stone.


This corrosive chemical can lighten surface stains temporarily but it does not penetrate deeply enough into the stone to provide long-lasting results. In fact, cleaning Indian sandstone with bleach could lead to discolouration or damage due to its harsh chemical composition. 

Sandstone cleaner

Some specialist sandstone cleaning products contain acidic substances which can cause etching and permanent dullness over time. Make sure you fully understand what’s in these products before application.

Pressure washing

Most masonry is vulnerable to pressure washing. The force exerted by pressure washers could erode the surface texture, leaving unsightly marks behind. You can find out more about how to clean and maintain natural stone in this blog. 

The benefits of stone cleaning professionals

Firstly, they have the right equipment and expertise to clean your Indian sandstone without causing damage to the pavers. Professionals will know the best way to clean Indian sandstone and can deliver a much deeper clean, and remove all the marks and stains.

Cleaning Indian sandstone is a meticulous task that needs patience, too. Professionals can save you the time you would have spent cleaning it yourself and not yielding the ideal results. 

Some stone cleaners, like our technicians, will also use non-abrasive, non-toxic chemicals to protect the environment and people's health while they clean the sandstone. Ultimately, they can give you peace of mind that your sandstone will be restored to its original condition quickly.

How to maintain your Indian sandstone

Maintaining Indian sandstone is all about regular upkeep. To begin with, you should brush off loose dirt regularly using a stiff bristle broom. This helps prevent build-up that can cause staining over time. Don't use metal brushes as these could scratch the surface of your stone.

Avoid letting water pool on the surface, too, as this encourages the growth of lichen and algae. Ensure good drainage around your paving area so water doesn't collect in any particular spot.

You should apply a high-quality sealant, as well. This acts like an invisible barrier, preventing stains from penetrating into the stone itself while also making cleaning easier down the line.

You need to reapply sealant every two years or so depending on weather conditions and foot traffic for continued protection against wear-and-tear and rainwater, sunlight, and frost damage.

Get in touch

Our fully trained stone cleaners hold a number of qualifications including Dewpoint Professional, BICSc, IPAF, and IOSH. They have access to the latest state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning agents for a thorough clean that does not risk damage to your property.

We can clean a range of different types of stone with lots of different methods, but we will probably use the TORIK Stone Cleaning System for your stone clean. It uses a stream of low-pressure, superheated water and steam which blasts off grime, dirt, gum, pigeon guano, paint, and biological growth. 

You can find out more about our brick and stone cleaning services by calling our team on 0208 066 0360 or sending an email to We offer a free site survey and no-obligation quote with every service. 

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