How To Clean Up A Gasoline Leak From Your Car

Thursday 30th November 2023

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

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Gasoline leaks from a car can be more than just inconvenient - they can also pose significant safety risks. Identifying the cause and taking immediate action is crucial to protect both your vehicle and those around you. 

In the event of a gasoline spill, our specialist technicians can help. They are fully permitted to handle and dispose of a range of types of oil including gasoline, diesel, and hydraulic oil. If it's an emergency, they can be on site to carry out our oil spill cleaning services within a matter of hours. 

Keep reading to find out what to do when gasoline leaks from your car.

What causes gasoline to leak from a car?

Gasoline leaks from cars can stem from several factors. One common cause is deterioration or damage to the fuel tank. This might occur due to wear and tear, rusting, or physical impacts.

An impaired fuel line also leads frequently to petrol leakage. Fuel lines transport gasoline from the tank to the engine, but over time they may become corroded or suffer punctures. 

A faulty gas cap could be another reason for a petrol spillage problem. If it's not sealing correctly, it allows petrol vapours to escape leading potentially even towards liquid seepage. 

What you should do if your car is leaking gasoline

Any sign of leaking gasoline should prompt immediate attention due to its highly flammable nature and potential harm towards human health and the environment.

If you spot a puddle beneath your vehicle, it's vital to make sure that the liquid is indeed gasoline or petrol. Petrol has a strong odour and, when on the ground, forms a multicoloured puddle. You can find out more about how to identify the different liquids that can leak from your car here

You then need to determine where the leak is coming from to assess what is causing the issue. A visual inspection may help identify where the fuel leakage originates. Check areas like the fuel tank, lines, and injectors, and look for visible damage such as cracks or corrosion as these can indicate possible weak spots which may lead to leaks.

Petrol spills pose not only fire risks but also environmental concerns due its toxicity. For this reason, bringing in professional cleaners as soon as possible is imperative. 

The effects of a gasoline spill

Gasoline spills pose significant threats to safety and the environment. They are flammable, posing an immediate fire hazard. This risk is not just limited to open flames; even hot surfaces or sparks can ignite it.

Moreover, prolonged exposure to gasoline fumes is dangerous for health. Exposure to the fumes may result in headaches, nausea, and loss of consciousness. 

Even small spills can negatively impact wildlife and water sources if they spread into the environment. You can find out more in this blog

Some surfaces can be damaged by gasoline, too. Concrete absorbs fuel quickly due to its porousness, making clean-up difficult, whereas asphalt reacts chemically with the oil and as a result may deteriorate over time.

To protect both people and the environment from such harm, prompt action should be taken if a leak occurs. 

How to clean up a gasoline spill

Cleaning up gasoline by yourself presents many dangers. Due to its highly combustible properties, improper handling of gasoline can result in a fire, and consequently serious physical harm and property damage. 

Second, inhaling the harmful fumes over prolonged periods while cleaning may lead to health issues like dizziness or headaches. 

Many of the petrol cleaning hacks shared online, such as using cat litter or even plain flour to absorb the oil, will not be that effective, either and you could leave behind gasoline. 

Hiring professionals, like our technicians, on the other hand, has several benefits. We have the specialist equipment and strict safety protocols to ensure efficient removal without causing harm to you or the environment.

We will start by identifying the type and extent of the leak, and then use a specific cleaning solution that can break down petroleum compounds, making them less harmful. 

You can be sure that we will remove all traces of the gasoline and make the affected area safe again. 

Contact our team today

Our technicians are able to carry out our safe and effective oil spill clean up services nationwide, 24/7, 365 days a year. They will not leave the site unless you are completely satisfied with the service you have received. 

You can find out more about our oil spill clean up services on 0208 066 0360 or

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