How To Deep Clean An Office Space

Tuesday 16th January 2024

Ellen Warren

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When you walk into a clean office, you usually feel an immediate sense of calm. A deep cleaned office can be the reason for better health and productivity among staff, and outsourcing your cleaning needs can resolve office productivity.

If you need office cleaning services, you can rely on the cleaners at ICE Cleaning. We offer office cleaning on a one-off or contractual basis depending on your needs. Whether your office is big or small, we will work closely with you to keep your workplace safe and clean.

Read on to learn how to tackle germs on high-touch areas head-on, make old carpets look brand new, and keep up the good work after the big clean.

The significance of a deep cleaned office

A deep cleaned office contributes to a healthy and productive workplace. With employee well-being directly linked to clean environments, ignoring the grime is not an option. 

Dusty desks or sticky keyboards are often hotbeds for bacteria that can harbour germs like the common cold, COVID-19, and the flu. A clean workspace decreases sick days and also improves your company’s image.

Investing in regular deep cleans could mean fewer illnesses and colds spreading across the office space -maintaining high morale and low absenteeism.

Pre-cleaning strategies

Stock up on the essentials: multi-surface cleaners, microfiber cloths, and heavy-duty rubbish bags. Create a checklist that leaves no desk unturned. Tailor this to your space, as every office has a different use of space.

If you are struggling to find time to keep your office clean, you should reach out to a cleaning company that offers office contract cleaning services. Look into cleaning standards and find a team who can work with your needs.

Decluttering the workspace

A cluttered office is often the cause of low productivity and efficiency. Start by sorting through documents and materials, shred what is outdated, and file what is important.

Tackle personal items next. If your desk is full of old paperwork, covered in pens, and has old food or drink lying around, clean it up. This can give you more room to breathe as you work.

Lastly is digital decluttering. Unnecessary files can clog up your virtual space as much as physical waste does on desks, causing stress and potential data breaches. Clear out old emails and organise desktop icons - it can be cathartic.

Sanitising high-touch areas

High-touch surfaces in an office are hotspots for germs and viruses. These include doorknobs, light switches, and shared office equipment like printers and phones. A regular wipe-down with disinfectant is good practice; however, a deep clean takes it further.

To start, gather your cleaning supplies: you will need gloves, disinfectant wipes or spray, and microfibre cloths. Your choice of cleaner will depend on the surface you are cleaning and whether or not you wish to use green products.

Focusing on each area one by one ensures no spot is missed. Begin with door handles — clean around the edges where grime builds up — and move systematically to light switches and electronics, which can harbour illness-causing bacteria if neglected.

Deep cleaning floors and carpets

First, thorough vacuuming is a must. It is not just about running the vacuum over the carpet. Pay attention to high-traffic areas and get under desks to ensure every area is covered.

Remember to regularly empty your vacuum filter, as it makes cleaning easier and prevents a build-up in the device. Next, use approved cleaners to erase stubborn stains, dabbing gently rather than scrubbing. Persistent spots might need repeat treatments or professional help.

Lastly, steam cleaning works wonders on carpets by reaching deep into fibres where traditional vacuums cannot go. Schedule this as part of regular maintenance for best results, and your carpet will live longer and look fresher.

Dusting and wiping down surfaces

When it comes to a deep clean, dusting requires strategy. For starters, always work from top to bottom and use microfiber cloths — they are excellent for dust, leaving no particles behind.

A spritz of eco-friendly cleaner followed by a thorough wipe-down can make desks clean and safe without harsh chemicals. Do not forget electronics; they are germ hotspots, requiring a soft cloth dampened with an alcohol-water solution to sanitise them.

Lastly are your keyboards and mice: turn them upside down, gently shake, and wipe carefully. This may take a few times to ensure cleanliness, but it is worth it.

Addressing bathrooms and break areas

Bathrooms and break areas are hotbeds for germs, making them crucial zones in any deep clean for the office. The first step is cleaning all fixtures with strong disinfectants. Focus on sinks, taps, and hand dryers, as these attract the most germs

Next, toilets and urinals need a bleach-based cleaner to ensure harmful microbes are gone, and your bathroom is fresher. Mirrors should shine without streaks because spots can harbour pathogens.

Floors require an antibacterial mop treatment that reaches every corner; neglect could mean compromised hygiene standards.

In break areas, start by wiping down tables, chairs, microwaves - anything hands touch regularly. Do not forget vending machines as buttons there are touched often. Fridge handles also need special attention due to frequent use throughout the day, and fridges require cleaning inside.

Tackling overlooked areas

When you deep clean an office, it is easy to overlook certain areas that you do not see often. But, these areas gather dust and grime that can undermine your efforts for a pristine environment.

Vents are hotspots for mould and dust; they require regular attention with a vacuum and microfiber cloth. Areas behind furniture can harbour moisture and trapped air - move items aside periodically to give them a good clean.

Windows also harbour dirt due to condensation and leakages but often get ignored. Take down blinds or curtains, launder if possible or vacuum with an attachment to banish any accumulated filth. You should clean these windows with antibacterial wipes and finish with anti-mould solutions.

Maintaining a consistently clean office environment

Keeping your office pristine is about setting the stage for ongoing cleanliness. Consider adopting a 'clean desk policy', encouraging employees to keep their spaces tidy and clutter-free.

In addition, scheduling regular cleaning sessions can help prevent dust and dirt from building up. This might involve professional cleaners like contract cleaners at ICE Cleaning, who know how to ensure every corner remains clean.

Lastly, provide easy access to sanitising products so everyone can do their part keeping high-touch areas germ-free throughout the day. If you want to alleviate that responsibility from your staff, consider contacting ICE Cleaning for your office cleaning needs.

Frequently asked questions

What is a deep cleaning of an office?

A deep clean targets every surface to banish grime and germs that regular tidying misses.

How do I deep clean my home office?

Purge clutter first, then tackle dust on electronics. Disinfect high-touch spots; do not forget the chair.

What is classed as a deep clean?

Deep cleaning includes tasks like steam cleaning carpets, sanitising bathrooms, and hitting hidden dirt traps.

How do you clean an office thoroughly?

Sweep through systematically: declutter, sanitise desks, refresh floors. Regular maintenance keeps it clean for longer.

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