How To Deal With Pet Odours When Selling Your Home

Friday 28th January 2022

Alice Redshaw

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In the UK, it is thought that approximately 17 million homes have own a pet, according to the Pet Food Manufacturing Association's (PFMA) Pet Population Report. Dogs are the preferred pet of the nation, with 67% of 60,000 recipients being owners of our canine companions in Pet Plan’s Pet Census.

With our furry friends being so popular, it is important that we care for them properly. This includes cleaning up after them to ensure your home remains fresh.

There are many aspects to selling your home, one of which is to make it look good for house viewings. Those viewing your property are unlikely to be impressed if they encounter pet odour when entering your home.

Check out our blog to find out how you can help make the property appealing to potential buyers by removing unpleasant smells.

Regular vacuuming

When selling your house, it is important to maintain a regular cleaning routine. Vacuuming your surfaces and carpets several times a week will help to eliminate dust and pet fur that has become embedded in fibres.

Remember to change the bag within the vacuum often as it is bound to fill up quickly when it is being used to hoover up your pet’s fur. This task may seem time consuming and tedious, but it is one of the best ways for keeping on top of pet odour.

Investing in a pet-friendly vacuum that is specifically designed to clean up after pets efficiently is often recommended for pet owners. While this may offer a great solution for some, it could be costly.


During your cleaning, opening doors and windows will help with odour neutralisation by circulating fresh air throughout your home.

Airing the property daily will help to keep your home free from foul odours that arise. The overall air quality within your home is likely to increase too, as pet odour won't have the opportunity to linger. Even opening the windows for short periods of time can make a difference.

If buyers are regularly coming to view the building, the clean air present in the atmosphere will work in your favour.

Clean pet bedding

Your pet will spend a significant amount of time in their bed, either snoozing or relaxing. The space can quickly become a source for unwanted odours, as animals groom themselves or shed their fur.

It has been advised to wash your pet’s bedding on a frequent basis to help eliminate smells caught in the fabric. You should be able to put most beds through the washing machine with ease, but it is best to check the label before purchasing one.

A pet should always feel safe in their bed, which is why known smells are a comfort to them. However, to attract buyers to your property they must remain clean.

Maintain upholstery

In households, welcoming pets onto our furniture is a comfort and makes them feel like a part of the family. But with the amount of fur pets can shed throughout the day, it is vital that upholstery is maintained so unpleasant smells do not remain.

Take your vacuum to your furniture on a regular basis with the correct attachment to hoover up hairs. Be sure to clean any blankets or cushions present on the sofa, as fur can appear in all crevices.

A deep clean of upholstery is also suggested to keep odours away. Removing sofa cushions and vacuuming in every space on the sofa ensures that you have done a thorough job with cleaning. 

Mop your floors

Although hairs become embedded within carpets, animals carry unpleasant odours throughout the home on all surfaces. For example, if a dog comes into the house with muddy paws, you are going to want to clean flooring regularly to stop bad smells.

Using a good disinfectant to wipe floors that is pet-friendly will prevent this from becoming a frustrating issue. Just like humans, pets will leave dirt areas where they frequent. As a pet owner wanting to sell their home, it would be off-putting to buyers to see both dirty paw prints on the floor and sniff foul odours that could have been avoided with a deep clean.

While vacuuming is good at removing hairs from surfaces, using a cleaning solution will help with odour removal and keep your house smelling fresh for house viewings.

Our odour removal services

We will help you eliminate pet smells with our effective odour neutralisation solutions to ensure your home remains attractive for potential buyers.

Our technicians will attend the site to perform a survey and risk assessment and seek to find the source of the smell before treating it. The team will work hard during the remedial work and will use professional equipment to help speed up the drying process.

Once this is completed, they will neutralise the odours within the affected areas and sanitise before allowing you to re-enter. We will make sure to remove all traces of moisture in the process and deliver you excellent results from our odal removal services.

You might also be interested in the brick cleaning we offer, which can greatly increase the aesthetic of your building. Please click here to find out to find out more about this service.


We offer a complimentary application of our ICE SHIELD® treatment following our odour neutralisation. This works by combining electrostatic technology and a persistent solution to help protect against harmful bacteria and viruses for a period of up to 28 days.

It is suitable for all types of settings, from industrial to commercial. It will help to keep your home clean while you are in the process of selling it.

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Our team of experts have years of experience in odour removal services and will be able to help you.

Get in touch with us on 0208 066 0360 or to find out more about our offering.

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