How To Mitigate Fire Risks In Healthcare Facilities

Wednesday 18th May 2022

Alice Redshaw

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Between April - June 2021 there were 1,980 non-domestic fires in England according to Gov.UK. It is a priority for managers of these environments to protect the lives of patients and visitors from risks such as fires.

Fire hazards in healthcare operations range from kitchen activities to smoking. Taking the utmost care to prevent fires and following the latest safety guidance and regulations is essential.

We are a specialist cleaning company with years of experience in providing effective fire damage cleaning solutions. If you require emergency services, we can be there within an hour to assist you. We operate 24/7, 365 days a year, including bank holidays.

Ensure staff receive training

Training staff on fire safety will make the process much smoother if a fire breaks out. You should keep records of when the training was given too so that you know when a refresher course is needed.

Providing training to staff members can save lives. Information such as where to find fire exits, what your plan is in the event of a fire, or good prevention methods, are all things that should be included. Many training providers will be able to tailor the course to suit your individual workplace requirements so that the knowledge provided is as relevant as possible.

As well as this, you should regularly check to make sure that all fire safety equipment is readily available on site and in working order. This should incorporate items such as fire extinguishers and a physical copy of your emergency plan. For more information about the sort of training that needs to be provided, take a look at this page written by the Health & Safety Executive.

However, if a fire has occurred on your premises, you must get this dealt with promptly. Specialist cleaners, such as us here at ICE Cleaning, have expert knowledge and experience on how to safely clean fire damage and restore the area in a safe state.

Regularly inspect kitchens

Many fires that occur in healthcare facilities start in kitchens, but mostly will be isolated to this area. It is vital that all flammable materials are used with care, and that they are kept separately to other substances used in the kitchen. 

Kitchen areas on large sites may include industrial-size equipment to meet the demand of patients and visitors. Risks from cooking oils and grease need to be carefully checked and all surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly whenever necessary.

Another risk present in kitchens is from electrical tools that are frequently utilised. This can cause severe injury or even fatalities if not used correctly. If advanced fire safety training is required for staff working in this location, then you should make sure they receive this.

Check fire alarm systems

Carrying out regular maintenance on fire alarm systems is important, and should be done by professionals. 

The systems and sprinklers embedded in them can be life saving, with sprinklers able to limit harm caused to the facility once activated.

It is crucial that all of the systems are in good condition because there will be many people who rely on them, from patients to staff members. You should keep note of when the checks have been carried out so that you know you're up-to-date with your health & safety responsibilities.

Have a look at this information provided by the National Fire Protection Association to learn about how fire alarms protect us.

Implement designated smoking areas

Although Public Health England (PHE) reported in 2019 that 69% of hospitals have banned smoking on their sites, cigarettes still remain a fire hazard.

Having designated smoking areas that are completely apart from the building is something that will help prevent outbreaks from cigarettes that haven't been extinguished properly.

To further reiterate the need for designated smoking areas, visual reminders around the facility can help. Signs articulating the dangers of smoking inside and around healthcare buildings will show people how devastating the consequences can be.

If you do experience fire damage on your site, get in touch with the professionals to help minimise damage to the building. Our technicians utilise only non-harmful and non-abrasive solutions during the clean - we are committed to using eco-friendly products.

Electrical hazards

Electrical hazards present in healthcare sites pose a significant risk to human health. For example, water damage and having too many plugs in an extension cord can all be potential fire hazards.

When using electrical equipment, you should act carefully and responsibly. Whenever extension cords are not being used, they should be stored away safely to reduce the chance of fires occurring. Not only this, but electrical tools can also be a trip hazard if they obstruct walkways. 

When operating machinery, you need to monitor for signs of overheating. This could cause risks to those in the vicinity and lead to significant damage to the structure of the building. 

As vulnerable people stay in healthcare facilities, the threat to human health from fire hazards needs to be taken very seriously. 

Here at ICE Cleaning, we ensure that our team undergo thorough health and safety training to keep up to date with the latest industry guidelines and safety practices. We work hard to protect the well-being of everyone on the site.

Get in touch

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What's more, we also provide odour removal services for lingering smoke odours that have remained following a fire. Check out our page to find out more.

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