How To Prevent A Bed Bug Infestation

Thursday 10th March 2022

Alice Redshaw

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We’ve all heard of the old rhymes referencing bed bugs and thought they weren’t real, but sadly they very much are.  Have a look at this article by the United States Environmental Protection Agency where they debunk myths about bed bugs to see how much you know about these pests.

Bed bug infestations can and do take place, so it is a good idea to be knowledgeable in how to prevent them if they do. As a professional pest controller, we are able to efficiently remove bed bugs from your property safely and are available day or night to do so.

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How do I know if I have a bed bug infestation?

These pests enter your home often through pre-owned furniture or luggage. They can spread quickly throughout apartment buildings and flats, so be sure to be on your guard for sightings.

To find out if you have a bed bug problem, there are certain things you can look up for. 

For instance, you might wake up feeling itchy, or there may be instances of blood on your bed sheets from where you have been bitten. These insects are more likely to bite exposed areas such as legs and arms. 

Bed bugs may be hard to differentiate from other pests, but to help identify them have a look at this useful definition from Britannica.

Life cycle of a bed bug flow diagram


Be cautious with second-hand furniture

Though investing in second-hand furniture can save you a lot of money, you need to be cautious of bed bugs presiding. This is especially the case on used mattresses, bed frames and other upholstery.

Before you purchase anything second-hand, conduct a thorough inspection for any presence of bed bugs. Tell-tale signs include faecal matter and red blood stains on the exterior of the furniture.

Any inspection that takes place should ideally be carried out prior to the furniture being delivered to your home. This way you prevent the likelihood of bed bugs being present in your property.

Buying a new mattress may be a good option if you are worried about attracting bed bugs, though it could be expensive. However, it would put your mind at rest that your new sleeping arrangement will not contain these pests.

Be astute when travelling

One of the main ways bed bugs spread is through luggage. They attach themselves to clothes and will travel into your home if they have the chance.

When going on holiday, make sure to inspect the bed where you are staying for any sign of bed bugs. You should also check the bed frame and drawers and cabinets to make sure they are not present there.

It is wise not to leave your clothes on beds and instead hang them up, as the pests can attach themselves to materials with relative ease. Once you’re happy there are no bed bugs present, you can begin unpacking your clothes.

Before you embark on your journey home, check your belongings for indications of bed bugs. This way you can deal with them prior to arriving back at your property, and prevent your home becoming a source of infestation.

Repair any holes in your home

Bed bugs are incredibly small insects, and can fit into the smallest of spaces. If there are any spots in your home that come to mind as potential access points, it is best to get them sorted to prevent an infestation.

It has sometimes been recommended to use caulk to achieve this, as well as implementing door sweeps to cover spaces below doors. Additionally, keep an eye out in your home for any new cracks that form.

You would be surprised at how easily bed bugs can travel throughout your home, so any steps you can take that limit their options is beneficial.

Keep your bedding clean

This is very important for preventing bed bugs. Even though it is not dirt that appeals to these pests, washing your quilt on a regular basis is recommended.

Purchasing a mattress protector is a good idea to stop bed bugs from infecting your mattress and helps you to monitor your bed for any signs.

Putting the linens on a hot cycle is an effective way for eradicating bed bugs, as is keeping clothing away from your bed.

Tidy your house

Having a regular cleaning routine in place is another way you can help stop a bed bug infestation in your home. This includes hoovering several times a week for any critters that have fallen on the floor, and wiping down all surfaces to maintain a clean environment.

Reducing mess in your house will limit places for bed bugs to settle where you might not think to check. This is particularly the case in the bedroom, which is the most common place you will find bed bugs in domestic settings.

Keeping a tidy space throughout your home will not only deter bed bugs, but other pests that might find sanctuary amongst many belongings. 

How do I eradicate bed bugs?

The best thing you can do to eliminate this problem is to contact the professionals for a bed bug treatment. Our technicians can be on site in just an hour in cases of emergency to begin work, and will leave no stone unturned to bring your property back to a safe environment.

We use advanced solutions and technologies for eradicating bed bugs, as well as only non-abrasive and non-toxic solutions. Protecting the environment and the health of all parties involved is always our priority.

Not only this, but we can also include a deep clean of the environment to make sure it is a hygienic space for you to occupy. Speak with one of our customer service team about this when you get in touch if you would like this to be added on to your treatment.

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