How To Prevent Fires In Basements

Friday 19th August 2022

Alice Redshaw

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Safety regulations in the UK mean that 30 minutes fire resistance is required in basement areas, according to the Basement Information Centre

As a property owner, it is useful for you to know what steps you can take to give yourself added protection should a fire happen. Basements are often small and enclosed spaces, so any practical knowledge can be helpful.

We are fire restoration specialists here at ICE Cleaning, ready to handle a fire in any type of situation. With expert knowledge and experience, we will work hard to transform your property back into a safe condition. 

In this blog, we delve into some of the ways you can prevent fires in your basement.

Avoid clutter

Keeping the basement area tidy is important for preventing fires. Dispose of all waste from the space regularly to stop it from building-up and creating a fire risk.

An overflow of possessions often obstructs fire exits, which can be extremely dangerous if a fire occurs. Ensure you have a clear route to exits at all times.

Avoiding clutter is also good housekeeping practice, enabling you to keep your home safe and prevent pest infestations. Pests love areas that are full of clutter, as they can make nests out of the many materials on offer.

If you are having a clear out of your basement, or notice any signs of pests, call in the professionals promptly. At ICE Cleaning, we can be on site in an hour in emergency situations to help you with our pest control services.

Store flammable materials carefully

Any flammable substances you house in your basement must be stored carefully, as many of them pose fire hazards.

Be cautious of how these materials are handled, making sure to store them securely.

If you're unsure of how to safely operate these kinds of substances, then it is best to not keep them at your property. Consult the help of a professional should you need assistance with hazardous chemicals, as they will be able to use them safety. 

In the event a fire breaks out in your basement due to a flammable substance, we are fully qualified to dispose of them. We will then take it to a hazardous removal site, leaving you with the peace of mind that it has been dealt with properly.

Use electrical systems safely

Another important fire prevention measure in your basement is to use all electrical systems safety. This includes not overloading circuits and checking that the wiring is not faulty. 

Damaged wiring creates a fire risk that can threaten the health of you and your loved ones, and should be dealt with as soon as possible once it has been identified. 

Make sure to give all equipment enough room to breathe when it is plugged in, and wherever possible, plug it in directly to the main wall outlet. This prevents extension cords from becoming overloaded with electricity. 

It is vital that equipment is properly ventilated to prevent it from overheating. Additionally, store all systems away securely when not in use to prevent them from becoming a trip hazard.

Install smoke alarms

Smoke alarms are a must in all areas of the home, including the basement. It is important that the fire alert system throughout your house is interconnected so everyone is aware of a fire no matter where they are in the property.

Also implement a carbon monoxide alarm too. This gas is odourless and invisible to the human eye, so can very easily escape your notice. It is also the law to implement this in certain conditions - read this Government page for more information.

Installing the relevant alarms in your basement is particularly important if you use the space for cooking or entertaining, where you are most likely to conduct activities that create fire risks.

Make sure to have your alarm systems tested regularly by a professional to ensure that everything is in good working order. This will give you the assurance that you have the proper protection in place in the event of a fire.

Invest in fire safety equipment

Fire safety equipment gives you an added layer of protection to your basement environment. For instance, heavy fire doors slow the spread of flames through your property, giving you more time to escape.

It is good to have fire extinguishers on hand to deal with small fires, as well as fire blankets. It is a good idea to undertake a safety practice course to learn how to use these properly.

Installing egress windows in your basement provides another exit in a fire, which is useful to have in small enclosed spaces. This can also make you feel safer when you use this area. 

As well as purchasing fire equipment, be sure to have an evacuation plan mapped out. Everyone in the building should be familiar with this, as well as have knowledge of where you should meet if a fire breaks out.

For help on creating your own fire evacuation plan, take a look at this useful information provided by Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Service.

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