How To Remove Adhesive From The Shop Floor

Monday 20th March 2023

Ellen Warren

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A few years ago, shop floors would be covered in adhesive stickers that reminded people to socially distance themselves and wear masks. However, since everyday life has resumed, flooring has suffered from leftover glue residue which collects dust, hair, and grime.

Here at ICE Cleaning, our BICSc and IOSH-accredited technicians offer adhesive removal services. They will identify the type of adhesive that was used and apply suitable solutions to remove it efficiently.

Read on to learn about what you can do to remove adhesive stickers from your shop floor.

Why are adhesive stickers so hard to remove?

Labels will have varying adhesives depending on the environment and how long it needs to stick. Some can come off easily, whereas others are made for permanent signage and will leave more adhesive residue. These types of adhesives are:

  • Permanent adhesive – Long-term adhesive use and difficult to peel off.
  • Removable adhesive – Short-term adhesive use that is removable if required.
  • Book peel adhesive – Labels that leave no residue when peeled.
  • Temperature-specific adhesive – A type of adhesive that becomes sticky at certain temperatures.

Adhesive stickers that were made for floors such as warehouse signage, COVID-19 stickers, advertisements, or warning signs would have been created with permanent adhesive.

These adhesives have hard-bond glue that makes them hard to wash off because they can withstand hot, cold, and wet environments as well as weight pressure.

Therefore, when you peel off these types of adhesive stickers from the floor, that layer of permanent adhesive will be difficult to remove. It will begin to collect dust particles, human hair, and general dirt from shoes.

Why you must remove adhesive residue

Many businesses that purchased adhesive stickers during COVID-19 may not have realised that peeling the stickers would leave behind noticeable glue stains.

Shops with vinyl, laminate, or flooring with a finish applied would have been especially affected by adhesive due to the chemicals present in the glue. A chemical reaction between the glue and flooring can leave behind permanent yellow stains.

Hardened or sticky adhesive residue may pose a significant risk if left alone long enough. You might trip over the glue, or your shoes may sustain some staining or damage. Industrial-strength adhesives are also highly flammable substances, so it poses a major fire hazard.

You must arrange to have the adhesive residue removed immediately after you take the stickers off the floor as leftover glue when exposed to the air will dry out and harden. This makes it more difficult to remove and increases the likelihood of permanent staining.

Why you should not try to clean adhesive yourself

Although there are lots of DIY solutions online that claim to remove all the residue, they can sometimes cause more harm than good.

Using vegetable oils and other food products, for example, may damage your floor further, leave an unpleasant smell, and make it incredibly slippery. Scraping up the glue with sharp tools, like knives, is also dangerous. If you are not careful, you could scratch the floor or even cut yourself.

The other alternative is using organic solvents. You should not use these chemicals yourself as they could stain the floor and exposure might put you at risk of long-term health issues such as:

  • Dermatitis
  • Eye irritation
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Organ damage

How to remove adhesive residue from the floor

If you wish to remove the glue, you must call adhesive removal specialists who are familiar with the process of adhesive sticker removal.

Expert cleaners will be able to identify the type of adhesive used for the stickers and use specific solutions to remove all traces of the glue residue without staining your floor.

This includes the removal of popular industry-strength adhesives such as that used in social distancing stickers, warehouse markings and strong tape.

Cleaners will have the proper tools and PPE to safely clean up the residue. They may also advise you on whether your floor may need replacing and can identify any permanent damage to the floor.

Get in touch

We are an expert cleaning company familiar with the tools, techniques, and solutions needed in this process. Our qualified cleaners can ensure complete and thorough adhesive removal on your shop floors and restore them to a pristine state.

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