How To Remove Paint From Concrete

Thursday 15th June 2023

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

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A coat of paint is an easy way to spruce up concrete driveways, patios, and even the walls in your home. But the smooth, clean look could soon turn into a cracked, flaky finish. Removing the paint, however, is difficult and requires professional knowledge and tools.

At ICE Cleaning, we offer thorough, high-quality paint removal services. Our technicians can use industry-leading technology, including the TORIK cleaning system, to remove all the paint from the concrete without damaging the surface below. They are available nationwide, 365 days a year.

Continue reading to find out the benefits of removing paint from concrete and why only professionals must do it.

Why you should have paint removed from concrete

Painted concrete tends to looks patchy because concrete is porous and absorbs the first coat of paint. This unattractive finish can affect your curb appeal and potentially lower the value of your property.

Paint is also not that durable and can form a weak bond with the concrete. It can easily get chipped, scratched, or fade with time, use, and bad weather.

Should some paint have accidentally spilled onto the concrete and stained it, it can suggest your property is in a state of disrepair and put off visitors and potential buyers, too. Graffiti can have a similar impact, particularly if it features offensive content.

Should you have painted the concrete walls in your basement, this can lead to damp and mould problems, as well.

Foundation walls allow in moisture and humidity, and most paints cannot hold back hydrostatic pressure, resulting in moisture intrusion and flaky, peeling paint. It could even lead to spalling which could damage the foundation.

While concrete is mould-proof, it can grow on paint, giving the fungus an opportunity to start growing in your home.

Don’t attempt to remove paint from concrete yourself

There are lots of different methods for removing paint from concrete. Determining the right one for your situation can be quite complicated and depends on the type of paint, how much needs to be removed, and the porosity of the concrete.

Carrying out the method can be difficult, too, and requires specialist knowledge to get rid of all the paint without damaging the concrete.

Paint strippers are a popular choice for removing paint, but you must make sure you select the right kind for the paint you’re removing. Concrete paint removers can also be dangerous as they contain harsh chemicals and may cause headaches, drowsiness, and nausea, among more serious problems.

Power and pressure washing is another option but it can damage your concrete. A high a pressure might cause visible damage like pitting and cause lines to form, particularly if your concrete is weak. They can be expensive to rent or buy and could even harm your plants.

Another paint removal method is using an angle grinder fitted with a diamond blade. However, this expensive piece of specialist equipment requires specialist knowledge to operate safely and effectively.

It can create a lot of dust and requires personal protective equipment (PPE), to keep yourself safe, as well. Grinders can also gouge your concrete and leave behind unsightly swirls and grooves.  

Bring in professional cleaners to remove paint

Paint removal specialists will know the best method to clean your concrete, and have the training and equipment to remove the paint safely and quickly.

Our technicians, for example, will use the TORIK cleaning system which is an eco-friendly, non-abrasive cleaning tool that can quickly blast off paint off of masonry surfaces.

There are lots of benefits to having your concrete professionally cleaned, too:

  • It protects your concrete against bacteria which can lead to unsightly cracks and extend its lifespan. The bacteria is invisible to the naked eye, and is therefore difficult to clean effectively.
  • It boosts your curb appeal by keeping it free from paint stains, algae, fungi, and other marks.
  • Better curb appeal usually translates to a higher value property if you do decide to sell it. It will attract buyers, as well as suggest your home is well-kept and does not require expensive repairs.
  • Professionals can identify small problems in their early stages before they become big, costly issues to repair.

Contact us today

Our technicians can remove paint from a range of surfaces, including concrete, brick, and stone. They have been accredited by several organisations including IPAF, IOSH, and SafeContractor. In an emergency, they can be on site in a matter of hours.

Get in touch with our friendly team on 0208 066 0360 or to find out more about our concrete paint removal and brick and stone cleaning services. 

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