How To Stop Graffiti In Bathrooms

Wednesday 4th November 2020

Sophie Rioch

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Vandalised toilets with graffiti covering the walls

How To Stop Graffiti In Bathrooms

Graffiti in public bathrooms has always been a problem. Graffiti can be an incredibly frustrating issue to eradicate. The reason it is such a difficult issue to deal with is that the perpetrators feel as if it is entirely acceptable to perform such illegal activities on properties that don’t belong to them. 

Public restrooms are an easy target due to the limited CCTV available inside. The bathrooms themselves are usually hidden away, either down a corridor or on another level of the building, where there will not be a high footfall of human traffic – unless there is a large social event going on, such as a concert or football game. The likelihood of getting caught graffitiing in a public restroom is minimal, which is why it is a primary target for the majority of perpetrators. 

Graffiti is usually sprayed on the walls, toilet doors and inside the cubicles. The paint can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage and can often shut down the restrooms for several days whilst a deep clean and graffiti removal service takes place. 

Luckily, graffiti can be easily removed if the right people and processes are put in place. ICE is able to provide technicians that specialise in graffiti removal. With the leading graffiti removal technology, we can have all vandalism eradicated from the premise within a couple of hours. 

Remove The Graffiti Immediately 

Removing the visual of graffiti immediately is one of the best steps to take to stop the incident from happening again. An individual who performs these illegal acts wants their graffiti to be viewed for as long as possible, so by removing what has been spray-painted in a rapid manner, it will significantly reduce the activity reoccurring. 

It is essential to ensure the graffiti is eradicated within first 24-48 hours. Whether you decide to  paint over the graffiti, have it professionally removed or replace particular objects, make sure the graffiti paint is removed as soon as possible.

Steps To Take To Reduce The Risk Of Vandalism In The Bathrooms

All graffiti is classed as vandalism. It is a common problem for a variety of public places that give customers access to toilets such as shopping malls, cinemas, parks and restaurants. 

Below we have listed some of the best ways to stop graffiti from reoccurring:

Monitor The Bathrooms

Regardless of the type of business you are running, you will need to make sure that you have a rota in place for your employees to monitor the bathrooms and regularly check-in. It may be helpful to put up a schedule in the public bathroom so that customers can see that the area is being monitored throughout the day. This will deter individuals from spray painting in the first place through fear of getting caught in the act. 

Having your employees regularly check the businesses bathrooms will also ensure that they are kept clean and tidy; another critical factor that will deter individuals.

Place Warning Labels Around The Affected Area

One inexpensive way to deter graffiti artists is to put up noticeable warning stickers in and around the public bathroom. This will inform vandals that you are fully aware of this type of behaviour and if caught, will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. While these labels won’t stop every vandal, the majority of them will think twice before going ahead and breaking the law.

Secure The Outside Of The Bathrooms With CCTV

Place CCTV cameras on nearby buildings, hallways and rooms near the public bathroom so the vandals can see that they are on camera. According to a magazine article by Security, the installation of security cameras offers a two-fold solution for building security as it adds an extra level of surveillance. Ultimately, the mere presence of security cameras can intimidate a potential offender from “tagging” a building. Additionally, if someone does tag your property, the footage of the incident can be recorded and sent to the authorities for investigation.

CCTV cameras covering a hallway

Applying these steps will deter graffiti artists from targeting the public restrooms as they know that their faces may have already been caught on camera either before or after performing the crime. 

Graffiti Resistant Spray 

Anti-graffiti coatings are layers of paint that prevent spray paint, ink and other markings sticking and festering onto the surface. There are a wide range of anti-graffiti paints which work in different ways. Each material reacts differently to graffiti, which means you should aim to apply the correct anti-graffiti paint for maximum benefit. 

Investing in anti-graffiti coating won’t necessarily prevent graffiti vandals from spray painting on the walls, doors, cubicles and mirrors in your public bathrooms. However, once you have painted the anti-graffiti layer over all the targeted areas, your surfaces, if graffitied on again, will not be damaged and can be cleaned easily and quickly. Eventually, the perpetrators will become bored with spray-painting the area, just for it to be destroyed within a couple of hours.

Emergency Graffiti Removal

ICE has specialist technicians that can safely remove all forms of graffiti from all types of surface. Whether the graffiti is visual on a large- or small-scale surface, we have the industry-leading equipment and techniques required to efficiently remove or instate prevention substances. Give us a call on 0208 066 0360 to speak to a member of our support team.

Our graffiti removal services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here to accommodate your needs during times that suit you. We are available all day and night, so can find a time that accommodates you.

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