What Are The Benefits Of A Clean Office?

Wednesday 31st January 2024

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

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A pristine, tidy office does not just look inviting - it is proven to maximise efficiency and improve employee morale. To keep your office spick and span, it is recommended you bring in professional office cleaners. 

At ICE Cleaning, we offer our contract cleaning services nationwide. Our general cleaners are fully trained in providing a thorough, effective clean, and are available outside of operating hours to minimise disruption. You can find out more about what contract cleaning is in this blog

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of hiring professional office cleaning services.

It makes a good first impression

A messy, disorganised, unclean workspace can be very off-putting to visitors. A neat workplace suggests business readiness to the visitor and will give visiting clients confidence in your services from the get-go. It also ensures they have a pleasant experience while at your office. Stale odours and visible grime, on the other hand, can make your company memorable for the wrong reasons. 

Cleanliness protects your employees' health

Frequent touchpoints like door handles and light switches become hotspots for bacteria without regular cleaning schedules. This results in sick staff members taking leave instead of being at work.

To combat absenteeism and foster quality work among employees, maintain high cleaning standards.

Tidiness protects people's mental health

Physical clutter can make your workplace feel overwhelming, directly impacting your staff's stress levels. A clean workplace, on the other hand, is far more pleasant to work in and leads employees to feel more valued. Reducing visual noise helps clear mental blocks, as well, helping employees work more efficiently. 

Moreover, by encouraging employees to adopt a clean desk policy themselves, companies foster personal responsibility towards maintaining order, something known to reduce anxiety throughout the working day.

Organised workspaces are far more efficient

Mess and clutter can conceal important devices, paperwork, and other items. This can result in wasted time spent trying to find them when required. A regularly tidied space enables people to find what they need when they need it. 

It boosts employee motivation

Another benefit of office cleaning is that it shows that you value your employees and acknowledge the role of the environment in their mental health. A consistent effort to reduce stress through cleanliness can significantly boost satisfaction levels among staff.

Why should you bring in professional cleaners for office cleaning?

Office cleaners have the training, and specialist cleaning products and equipment for an effective clean. They will have experience of cleaning the different areas of an office, including washroom and toilet facilities, and kitchen areas, and know how best to make them neat and tidy. 

Professional cleaners' equipment will go far beyond what an average person might have access to, such as household cleaning products, and can deliver a deep, thorough clean.

Cleaners will also be able to decontaminate and sanitise your office, ensuring your workplace stays safe and up-to-date with hygiene standards. Professional cleaners pay close attention to these frequently touched points which might otherwise be overlooked.

They can give you peace of mind that your office will cleaned properly and regularly. It means you and your staff will not have to clean the office yourselves, too, saving you time you could devote to your work. 

You can learn more about whether you need contract cleaning in this blog

How to keep your office clean

The most effective way to keep an office clean is with regular cleans by professional cleaners. But there are lots of things you can do to keep your office hygienic and tidy in between cleans. 

Tidy the workplace every day

Encourage employees to clear their desks at the end of each day. This practice not only keeps workspaces organised but also makes it easier for cleaners to do their job efficiently and ensure every surface is cleaned thoroughly.

Implement waste management policies

Create policies around waste management in your office. For instance, encourage recycling and provide clearly labelled bins for different types of waste materials such as paper, plastic, or general rubbish.

Clean electronics regularly

Electronics like computers, printers, and telephones often harbour dust and germs due to frequent use. Wipe them down regularly with specialist products to remove bacteria without damaging the device. 

File things away immediately

Piles of paper can quickly build up and become a disorganised mess. If you do deal with hard copies of documents, file them away in the correct place immediately.

Get in touch

We offer flexible and regular cleaning from our reliable professional general cleaners. We also offer complimentary ICE SHIELD® decontaminations and air quality testing with our contract cleans to keep your workspace safe and clean. 

To find out more, contact our team today on 0208 066 0360 or enquiries@icecleaning.co.uk.

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