What Are The Most Common Fire Hazards In Kitchens?

Wednesday 15th June 2022

Alice Redshaw

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Cooking equipment accounted for 48% of accidental dwelling fires according to the Gov.uk in the period 2019-2020, showing how high the risk of fires are in this area of a property.

At ICE Cleaning, we are fire damage cleaning specialists who have years of experience in returning damaged properties back to safe conditions. Contact us day or night if you have suffered a fire in your kitchen, with our friendly support team providing you with support throughout the process.

It is important to also be aware of the health risks associated with smoke damage, as these can be wide ranging and potentially serious. Take a look at this article provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for more information.

Now, let's take a look at some of the most common fire hazards in kitchens and how they can be mitigated.

Oil and grease from frying food

When you are frying food, you should be particularly cautious with oil and grease. The results of these substances catching on fire can be devastating, so you shouldn't use excessive amounts of either and be careful when cooking with them. 

Following cooking, you should make a point to clean equipment of oil and grease to prevent build-up on surfaces and in appliances. It is worth spending this extra time making sure the kitchen is safe if it can stop a fire from occurring. 

In the kitchen, cooking oil spills often take place too. In this instance, you will need to call out oil spillage cleaning specialists. At ICE Cleaning, we can tackle oil leaks in all environments so you can use your kitchen space safely once more.

Cooking food on high heat

Cooking food on the incorrect heat can lead to fires, so you should be careful to avoid this. It is important that food is cooked for the necessary time, but you don't need to increase the temperature on your stove exponentially to achieve this.

As well as being a fire risk, there is a chance that you could burn food and make it inedible if you are cooking it at the wrong temperature. Always adhere to the instructions on the pack when it comes to both cooking methods and the heat at which you should cook the food.

If you experience a fire, our technicians can be there within the hour in cases of emergency. They utilise industry-grade equipment and solutions to tackle all fire damage, and never leave the site of the clean unless you're happy with the work that has been carried out.

Additionally, our customer service team is available round the clock to support you with everything you require. The friendly staff will answer all questions or concerns you may have at any point of the process.

Hazardous kitchen appliances

Faulty kitchen equipment is often a fire risk, causing a threat for everyone in the surrounding vicinity. In whatever environment your kitchen is in, from commercial to domestic, you should have your appliances checked regularly.

Professionals can identify if there are any issues with the equipment, which will need to be replaced if serious faults are found. Keeping to a good cleaning routine is a good way to preserve your kitchen facilities, as it prevents dirt and grime from sticking to surfaces and impacting the operation of appliances.

You should also make sure not to have excessive numbers of appliances in the kitchen area, as this could also pose an electrical hazard. With careful maintenance, the chance of kitchen appliances causing a fire is reduced.

If the equipment in your kitchen is not looked after properly, its lifespan is reduced and you will have to fork out for a new one. 

Not paying attention while cooking

This is another leading fire hazard in kitchens, with people getting distracted by other activities. It is crucial that you pay close attention to cooking appliances while using them, and if you need to go elsewhere, you should switch them off first and make sure they are safe.

As a common cause of fires in this environment, it is a simple one to remedy. With cooking being a high-risk activity, staying alert can mean the difference between a fire breaking out or not. It is recommended not to have your mobile devices near you when carrying out this activity too, as this is likely to result in distractions. 

Specialist cleaners are also able to deal with any lingering smoke odours following a fire. At ICE Cleaning, we provide complete odour neutralisation services to remove unpleasant smells from your property. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about this.

Flammable substances near cooking equipment

Flammable materials are often present around cooking appliances, such as wooden implements and curtains, but can be a fire hazard themselves. It is important that during cooking, these are kept a safe distance away from kitchen equipment.

This includes clothing which has loose hanging sleeves, as this can easily catch on a flame on a gas stove. Before you start cooking, it is a good idea to clear the area of any flammable substances that could pose a fire risk, so your focus can remain on cooking. 

If you have long hair, you should make sure it is tied back with a bobble to prevent it from becoming hazardous. This is also recommended for hygiene reasons as well.

We're ready to help

If you have suffered from a fire, we are here to support you. Day or night, our can be contacted on 0208 066 0360 or enquiries@icecleaning.co.uk for more information on our fire damage cleaning services.

Not only this, but we provide smoke damage cleaning too which effectively treats substances such as soot and ash that linger in the atmosphere. Check out our page to find out more.

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