What Attracts Cockroaches Into Properties?

Thursday 14th July 2022

Alice Redshaw

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Cockroaches can cause multiple health risks, which is why you need to get any infestation dealt with promptly. According to Health Line, they can carry diseases such as dysentery and cholera, both of which are harmful to humans.

At ICE Cleaning, we provide cockroach removal services throughout the UK. We can treat an infestation in any type of property as well as carry out the job at a time suitable to you, even working through the night if this is what you need.

The British Pest Control Association has reported that there are estimated to be 4,600 species of roaches across the world, with around 30 types found in human dwellings. Read on to find out some of the main reasons why these cockroaches may be attracted to your home.

Humid atmosphere

Cockroaches like areas full of moisture, which there are plenty of in our homes. For example, locations where mould is present should be checked for signs of cockroaches.

According to Oxford City Council, the optimal humidity in a house during winter should be between 30-60%. If yours is higher than this, then you need to get the issue sorted.

There are many ways you can reduce humidity levels, such as opening windows to allow adequate ventilation or making use of your bathroom's extractor fan. You might also consider investing in a dehumidifier, though this could be costly.

Take a look at our blog about reducing condensation in your home to find out more about how you can stop mould from growing.

Presence of food

As well as humidity, the presence of food is a favourable sight for cockroaches. Crumbs left on surfaces, uncovered bins, and leftover food on counters are all opportunities for roaches to get nourishment.

It may seem obvious, but the best way to prevent cockroaches in this instance is to regularly clean your kitchen. This includes taking out your bins consistently, wiping down surfaces once finished cooking, and vacuuming several times a week to pick up crumbs.

Not only this, but pet food can also attract roaches. Keep food in a sealable container when not in use by your pets, and store it securely away from prying eyes.

If you do find yourself with a cockroach problem, call in the professionals right away. Our cockroach pest control specialists effectively treat the area with advanced solutions and equipment, working hard to restore your property to a safe environment.


Unpleasant odours

Unpleasant odours coming from bins and compost heaps are an attractor to cockroaches, who have an excellent sense of smell.

It is important that bins are always covered when not being used, and that you ensure they are taken out regularly as previously noted. 

Though these may seem like simple steps to take, they can save you from having to deal with a more significant problem. 

At ICE Cleaning, we can be on site within an hour to deal with any cockroaches in cases of emergency. Get in touch with our friendly team to learn more - they are happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Dark areas

Cockroaches usually seek shelter in the dark areas of your home. They can often be located on the edges of rooms, and settle in any holes they can find. Be sure to check your home for any damage to the foundation that could be used for shelter.

If you do find holes in your facade, make sure you contact a professional to seal them up. Reducing nesting places for cockroaches is one of the key things you can do to deter them. 

Another measure you can take is to clear any clutter around your home. Cockroaches have been known to make their nests in materials like cardboard and other waste, so keep your home tidy to avoid this.

The condition of your garden

Unkept gardens provide the perfect space for cockroaches to shelter and forage for food, with compost heaps and dead plants a key attractor for these pests. Moist areas of your outdoor space appeal to them too, such as blocked gutters.

It is crucial that you take care of your garden by mowing the grass regularly and watering plants. If you have a compost heap in the area, make sure to keep it securely fastened.

The overgrown spaces in gardens are a welcome sight for cockroaches, who thrive in dark environments, as noted above. Stay on top of your garden, and prevent these insects from becoming a problem.

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