What Damage Can Mould Cause To Homes?

Wednesday 27th April 2022

Alice Redshaw

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Mould can cause significant damage to your home, including harming the building's structure and ruining personal belongings. It is a widespread issue in the UK, with USwitch finding that 27.4% of households in London reported experiencing issues with mould in 2020.

If mould is left to spread, it can be costly to repair. Look out for signs of damage regularly to catch any growth in its early stages.

At ICE Cleaning, we are mould specialists. Our skilled technicians have years of experience in the industry, dealing mould in all kinds of settings. In cases of emergency, we can be on site within the hour to carry out remediation work.

Continue reading to learn some of the ways that mould can damage your home.

Structural damage

Mould spores consume organic matter, plenty of which is found in the average home. When it decomposes materials, severe damage can result.

Structural destruction caused by mould can be wide ranging, including damaging floorboards and your insulation system.

If you suspect mould growth in your home, get it looked at swiftly. This will enable professionals to work on the problem and identify if there is any structural damage occurring.

The situation will be worse if the mould has been left untreated for a long period of time. In some cases, your home may even be deemed uninhabitable.

Dry rot

When dry rot takes root within wood, it can be incredibly harmful. Rapid treatment is needed once it is discovered.

It is mostly found in rooms with inadequate ventilation, but can develop anywhere in the property. The problem can travel quickly, causing further damage to the building.

Have your home regularly checked for dry rot to protect the well-being of you and your loved ones. It will also save you considerably in costs.

Though it may be costly, consider enhancing ventilation as well wherever you can to prevent instances of dry rot. Do not leave the problem unchecked, however, as the integrity of the building could be at risk.

Roof leaks

Leaks can occur in any room of the house, but one of the main culprits is often attics.

The types of mould that can result from roof leaks are:

  • Systemic growth - In this case, mould will spread all over the space as a result of moisture.
  • Limited growth - Here. mould growth is not as widespread, and will generally not have travelled far from its original source. 

Once you have identified a leak in your property, have it sorted as soon as possible. Professional contractors will be able to treat the leak proficiently, making the building safe once more.

Mould that has developed from a leak is usually the result of condensation. This is a familiar problem for households throughout the UK, especially in the winter when temperatures are colder.

Damage to personal property

It can be difficult to remove mould spores from your belongings, such as furniture or clothing. Sometimes, it may even be necessary for the items to be disposed of.

Mould spores easily settle into materials, often going unnoticed. For example,  if furniture is placed against walls or there is a mould growth in a wardrobe that you do not use frequently, you may not spot it.

This is why it is so important to check your home consistently for any signs of growth. Spores can cause irreversible damage to your possessions, so stay on top of checking for early signs.

Should you need it, mould remediation companies may even be able to remove any waste from your home as part of their service.

HVAC system

Mould can present itself anywhere in your house, even in your HVAC system. Treating mould in this area of the house may be tricky, though, due to the size of the space.

These systems play an important role in the functioning of your home, so any mould growth will need to be sorted. If you identify mould, then it is best to hire the help of trained cleaners to treat it.

The appearance of fungi in HVAC systems is mainly down to moisture, a common problem in homes. It usually occurs as a result of a blockage in the system.

Professional mould cleaners are able to get the source of the issue and remedy it efficiently. At ICE Cleaning, we can send mould spores to get tested to identify the particular type of growth. Following treatment of the issue, our specialists will give advice to prevent the mould from reoccurring.

Mould remediation services

Our technicians are Dewpoint Professional accredited, and have years of experience in treating mould.

One of the key ways to stop mould is to practice prevention techniques, such as ventilating the property following cooking or showering, or drying clothes outdoors. For more information about how you can halt mould growth, take a look at this article written by WebMD.


As part of our mould remediation treatments, we offer a complimentary treatment of our ICE SHIELD®. This works by combining fogging technology with a persistent solution to help protect against harmful bacteria and viruses for a period of up to 28 days.

Whether you are a commercial or domestic customer, the technology can work in your environment. Effective within 10 seconds of application, ICE SHIELD® provides an extra layer of protection following one of our services.

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