Who Do You Call When Your Heating Oil Tank Leaks

Wednesday 27th March 2024

Ellen Warren

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A heating oil tank outside


A leaking heating oil tank can damage your property and health, requiring swift and expert intervention. You must take appropriate steps in the event of a heating oil tank leak to handle such emergencies.

At ICE Cleaning, our oil spill cleaning services include environmental consultation as a part of our process. We ensure that a spill on your property is contained and cleaned with minimal disruption to your daily life and the local ecosystem.

Read on to learn more about who you must contact when your heating oil tank leaks.

Signs that your heating oil tank is leaking

Identifying a leak in your heating oil tank early can save you from potential environmental damage, costly cleaning services, and the loss of expensive fuel. 

If you notice unusual stains on the ground near your heating oil tank or puddles that seem out of place, it could be a clear indicator of a leak. These marks are often accompanied by an oily residue which can seep into surrounding soil or concrete foundations, causing further complications. 

A strong smell resembling diesel fuel around your property may also indicate that there has been a breach in your heating oil tank’s integrity.

The distinctive odour of heating oil is hard to miss; if detected indoors or close to where your tank resides, it suggests that fumes are escaping due possibly to cracks or holes within the container itself.

This situation poses immediate health risks and signifies potential harm to local wildlife and water sources if left unaddressed.

The immediate steps to take after an oil tank leak

Discovering a leak in your heating oil tank can be a daunting experience. You must act swiftly and efficiently to minimise environmental damage, health risks, and financial loss. Here are the immediate steps you should take upon identifying a leak:

Shut off the fuel supply

The first action is to immediately shut off the fuel supply to your heating oil tank. This will stop any further leakage of oil into the surrounding environment. Locate the shutoff valve on your tank or near it; if you are unsure how refer back to your tank's manual.

Evacuate and ventilate affected areas

Evacuate everyone from areas affected by the leak and avoid direct exposure to potentially harmful fumes. If possible, ventilate these areas well by opening windows and doors — this disperses any concentrated fumes that cause respiratory issues.

Contact professionals immediately

Professional help must be called once you have taken initial safety measures. Contact specialists who can handle hazardous situations such as oil spills with utmost care and efficiency. They will provide specialist cleaning services tailored specifically for managing heating oil leaks effectively.

Who should you contact after an oil leak?

After discovering an oil tank leak, you must notify your insurance company. Many home insurance policies cover the costs of environmental contamination cleaning caused by domestic oil spills, including remediation and any necessary legal expenses. 

Immediately contacting your insurance company is crucial to understand your policy's coverage and proceed without harming your claim.

Once you have contacted your insurer, seeking out professional cleaning services like ICE Cleaning, specialists in dealing with hazardous material disposal and restoration, becomes imperative. 

Our team possesses the expertise required for safe removal, disposal of contaminated materials, soil remediation, and restoring affected areas to their original state or better.

If you are renting or there are others involved (such as neighbours potentially affected by the spill), keeping open lines of communication throughout the cleaning process is critical. 

Inform them about measures being taken not only reassures those impacted but also helps manage expectations regarding timelines for resolution.

How to maintain your heating oil tank

Maintaining your heating oil tank is crucial for ensuring the efficiency and safety of your home's heating system.

Regular inspections and maintenance prevent leaks and detect issues early, saving you from potential environmental hazards and costly repairs. Some essential tips on maintaining your tank include:

Regular inspections

You must conduct regular inspections of your heating oil tank. Look out for signs of rust, dents, or any form of damage that could indicate a problem. 

We recommend scheduling a professional tank inspection once a year to thoroughly evaluate its condition.

Tank upgrades

If your current heating oil tank is old or showing signs of significant wear and tear, consider upgrading to a modern, corrosion-resistant model. 

Modern tanks have materials like double-walled steel or polyethene, which significantly reduce the risk of leaks. Upgrading can ensure your home has more reliable and safer technology.

Leak detection systems

An additional layer of protection involves installing leak detection systems around your heating oil tank. These systems alert you at the first sign of a leak, allowing immediate action before any damage occurs. 

This proactive approach protects the environment and saves money by preventing large-scale soil contamination clean-up costs.

Frequently asked questions

What to do if my heating oil tank is leaking?

First, isolate the leak by turning off the supply. Then contain the spill with absorbent materials and call a professional cleaning company.

How do you fix a heating oil leak under your house?

You must evacuate the property and contact a professional oil spill cleaning company immediately.

How do you stop an oil tank leak?

Cut off the source immediately and contain the spill with absorbents. Do not touch or clean the oil yourself - call professionals to deal with it.

Is it normal to smell oil near an oil tank?

If your oil tank is omitting constant strong odours, there may be a leak.

Get in touch

For thorough oil spill clean-up services, you can rely on ICE Cleaning. We provide emergency oil spill services across the UK, ensuring that your property can be secured immediately and we can begin the decontamination process.

To learn more about our oil remediation services, contact us at 0208 066 0360 or enquiries@icecleaning.co.uk. We are stationed nationwide and operate 24/7 to help in an emergency - we can be on-site at your earliest convenience, including bank holidays and weekends.

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