Do Eco-Friendly Cleaners Remove Mould?

Thursday 30th November 2023

Ellen Warren

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Buying the latest cleaner that promises to wipe out mould in seconds comes with a list of chemicals that can cause injury or illness. However, eco-friendly cleaners can prevent mould as effectively as chemicals without affecting your health or environment.

At ICE Cleaning, our mould removal services are paving the way for new mould remediation solutions across the UK. We work closely with your local council to ensure your homes are safe from mould and that they will not return in the future.

Read on to learn about the science behind green cleaners, their effectiveness on mould infestations compared to conventional products, and tips for using them effectively and sustainably maintaining a clean environment.

Understanding eco-friendly cleaners

Eco-friendly cleaners rely on natural ingredients to fight grime and dirt. They are free from harsh chemicals, which benefit your health and reduce pollution. These green cleaners use plant-based components such as vinegar and citrus oils that break down filth without harming you or our planet. 

However, green cleaning goes beyond being environmentally friendly - it is a smart choice for personal well-being. Breathing in fumes from chemical products can cause allergies and other health problems.

Effectiveness of eco-friendly cleaners against mould

Mould is a difficult growth to tackle, but eco-friendly cleaners can help prevent it. Their plant-based ingredients, like tea tree oil and vinegar, are shown to be effective against mould.

The key lies in their ability to break down mould spores at a cellular level without resorting to harsh chemicals. These natural solutions can prevent initial and repetitive growth. Studies show that tea tree oil kills common household fungi and prevents them from returning. 

Comparing eco-friendly and conventional cleaning solutions

When it comes to tackling mould, both eco-friendly and traditional cleaners have their pros and cons. Conventional solutions often boast strong results for surface mould but can come with health risks due to harsh chemicals.

Eco-friendly alternatives, on the other hand, use safer ingredients. Whilst they may need more effort, eco-friendly solutions are kinder to you. They are usually non-toxic, which makes them safer for homes with children or pets.

Regardless of which cleaning product you choose, do not use them to remove mould yourself. You can use these to prevent mould in general cleaning jobs you conduct around the property.

Maintaining a mould-free environment sustainably

Preventing mould does not need to harm the planet. Simple changes can make a big difference, like maintaining good ventilation in your property and using eco-friendly cleaners. Natural cleaning solutions, such as vinegar or baking soda, are effective at tackling mould.

Eco-friendly cleaners keep your home safe from harmful chemicals and protect our environment by reducing pollution and waste. Regularly clean damp areas of your home with these green products to prevent mould growth.

Maintain low humidity levels inside buildings because high humidity attracts mould. You can use dehumidifiers or air conditioners to help control moisture levels in your space.

Health and environmental impact of eco-friendly cleaners

Eco-friendly cleaners, unlike their traditional counterparts, use ingredients that are kind to your health and the environment. They lack harmful chemicals like phthalates or perchloroethylene.

These green solutions reduce exposure to toxic fumes and substances that can cause headaches, skin irritation, allergies, and more serious conditions such as cancer.

The planet benefits when we switch to eco-friendly cleaning products. Conventional cleaners can contaminate water sources after they enter our drains. Eco-friendly alternatives pose less risk for aquatic life because they break down safely in the environment.

Making the switch to eco-friendly cleaners

The first step to making the switch is understanding what makes a cleaner 'eco-friendly'. Uncovering biodegradable substances that are safe for both you and the environment is key. 

Next, do not throw your old cleaners away, instead use them up or ask if friends need them, then start replacing them with greener options.

Beware of 'greenwashing' as companies sometimes make their products seem more environmentally friendly than they really are. Look for genuine labels like Ecolabel or Green Seal when shopping around. Green Seal standards, for instance, assure us of reduced toxicity and improved recyclability.

Frequently asked questions

What are the most eco-friendly cleaning products?

Ecover, Method and Bio-D top the list for green cleaners. They are made from plant-based ingredients and come in recyclable packaging.

How can I be eco-friendly when cleaning?

Choose plant-based products, reduce water use, recycle containers and avoid single-use items like disposable wipes.

What is a non-toxic alternative to Zoflora?

A good swap for Zoflora could be Ecover's All-Purpose Cleaner. It is effective yet gentle with natural fragrances instead of harsh chemicals.

Do eco cleaners work?

Eco-cleaners perform just as well as traditional ones but without harmful chemical residues left behind on your surfaces.

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