How To Remove Mould From Curtains Without Washing

Thursday 28th December 2023

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

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Dark spots, stains, and discolouration on your curtains is not just a visual blight. It can be a sign of mould, a dangerous fungus that can harm your health and any surfaces it grows on. As soon as you spot it on your curtains, bring in professional cleaners to take care of it. 

At ICE Cleaning, we offer our mould removal services nationwide. We are a corporate member of Dewpoint Professional, and our nine-stage mould treatment process can eliminate all the mould in your home, including mould in the air. 

Keep reading to learn why mould grows on curtains and how to remove it without washing them. 

Why you should not wash curtains to remove mould

When you spot any stains on your curtains, particularly stubborn stains like mould, your first instinct will probably be to throw them in the wash. But the high temperatures and harsh chemicals recommended online can actually cause more damage to your curtains. 

Bleach, for example, is touted as the best solution to mould online, but it can cause the fabric to fade and may even weaken fibres. The heat from hot water can set in stains rather than lift them out, as well. Should any traces of the mould be left behind, it will continue to grow and spread, too. 

What causes mould to grow on curtains?

Mould is a type of fungus that grows in environments that contain excess moisture, organic material, oxygen, and warmth. Curtains usually provide it with its ideal conditions for growth:

  • Condensation, high humidity, and leaks around the window can make the curtain damp
  • If made from an organic material, the curtain provides mould with food for it to grow off
  • Fabric absorbs moisture and may dry slowly, and therefore tends to stay damp for a long time
  • Curtains that are not often cleaned can have a build up of dirt and dust on them which can provide mould with more organic material for it to feed off

Other causes of mould in the home include poor ventilation and air flow, and rising and penetrating damp. You can find out more about what causes mould in the home in this blog

The effects of mould growth on curtains

First off, it can affect the aesthetics of your curtains. Mould leaves behind dark patches or streaks that could make your expensive drapes look unsightly. It can also damage it over time, making the fabric fragile as it feeds off it. 

Mould is harmful to be exposed to, as well. Mould produces allergens, irritants, and sometimes even toxic compounds. Inhaling, ingesting, and touching mould can put you at a risk of a number of health problems ranging from an allergic reaction or asthma attack to respiratory infections. 

Should you have a weakened immune system, or respiratory or skin condition, you are more at risk of a serious reaction when exposed to mould. Depending on how often you open your curtains or how close you are to them, you could regularly be inhaling harmful mould spores. 

Mould can produce a foul, musty odour, too, and make your entire property an unpleasant place to be. 

How to remove mould from curtains

Mould is stubborn and penetrates porous, soft surfaces, like fabric, making removal difficult without specialist cleaning chemicals and equipment. You should always bring in professionals for mould remediation. 

Firstly, most DIY mould cleaning methods fall short. Concoctions of vinegar or baking soda don’t always get deep enough into fabric fibres, allowing some of the mould to evade treatment. Any left behind will simply grow back. 

Some techniques or chemicals recommended may be too harsh for delicate fabrics, as well, such as scrubbing the mould. This can even aggravate it and cause it to spread mould spores around the property. 

Cleaning mould also brings you in close contact with it, increasing your risk of inhaling, touching, and ingesting mould spores. 

Professional cleaners can eliminate all the mould in your home, including mould on delicate fabrics. They have the protective gear and specialist tools to get all the mould, including the fungus in porous surfaces, and can even diagnose the specific cause of the mould in your home. They can then help you keep your property mould-free in the future by providing you with bespoke advisories. 

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