What Causes Mould In The Home?

Wednesday 1st November 2023

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

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Mould growth in your home can cause health problems, damage your possessions and property, and make it an unpleasant place to live. To keep it at bay, you need to find out the specific cause of the mould problem in your home.

Here at ICE Cleaning, our mould removal services can quickly restore your property to a safe, clean home. Our mould treatment can eliminate all the mould in your home, including airborne mould. We will also advise you on how to prevent it in the future. 

Keep reading to find out what the main causes of mould growth are. 

High humidity

Mould spores are always present in our surroundings, but they need certain conditions to grow - one of them being excess moisture. High humidity is a common culprit behind mould growth. It's the result of excess moisture in the air, which usually comes from everyday activities like showering or cooking. When your home has over 60% relative humidity, it contains the ideal conditions for mould growth.

To lower the chances of mould growth, you need to reduce the humidity level in your home and keep it below 50% all day. Use dehumidifiers and air conditioners to maintain low humidity levels, and install exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen.


When warm air meets a cold surface, the water vapour in the air cools down and turns into liquid. This dampness then provides an ideal breeding ground for mould spores. The most common places to find condensation is on walls and window frames, and these areas are most vulnerable to mould growth. 

Here are some simple changes you can make to reduce condensation forming in your home: 

  • Cover pots while cooking
  • Avoid drying clothes indoors
  • Install extractor fans in bathrooms and kitchens to remove humid air and steam
  • Make sure rooms are well-heated during colder months to avoid creating cold surfaces where condensation can form

Penetrating damp

Penetrating damp is when moisture from outside, like rainwater, moves towards the internal walls of a property. It is often caused by poor property maintenance like faulty gutters or cracks in external walls. You must bring in professionals to fix penetrating damp as soon as you spot it as it can lead to a range of issues

Rising damp

This is caused by groundwater moving up through a wall or floor. As it evaporates, it leaves behind salts that draw more moisture from the surrounding air which leaves behind tide marks. The damp can also lead to mould issues. The best way to prevent this is with a physical barrier known as a damp-proof course (DPC). 


Whether it's a leaky pipe or damaged roof, these situations provide mould with the damp conditions it requires to thrive. Mould grows within 24 to 48 hours, so you must act quickly to dry out the affected area. 

To prevent leaks, regular property maintenance is vital. You should frequently check pipes for any signs of wear and tear, and make sure there are no loose tiles on your roof that could allow water ingress.

You also need to act quickly following a flood, particularly as it can result in extensive water damage. Bring in flood restoration professionals immediately to dry out and clean up your property to make it safe again. 

Poor ventilation

Without fresh air or proper airflow in your home, excess moisture cannot escape. So, it settles on surfaces and gets absorbed into materials.

To tackle this problem head-on, consider improving your home's ventilation system. Opening windows regularly and using extractor fans can help circulate fresh air throughout your living space.

Book your mould remediation today

As soon as you spot mould growth in your home, you must bring in mould cleaners. They will have the specialist equipment and training to quickly get rid of the mould in your home.

Our Dewpoint-accredited technicians are dampness and mould experts, and are available nationwide, 24/7. In an emergency, they can be on site within several hours.

We also offer a lifetime guarantee* with every mould remediation so if the mould returns, we will remove it for free.

Contact our friendly team on 0208 066 0360 or at enquiries@icecleaning.co.uk to get a free site survey and no-obligation quote for our mould remediation services

*subject to advisories

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