What Appliance Causes The Most House Fires?

Wednesday 21st February 2024

Joanna Grimbley-Smith

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Many of the household appliances we use everyday can lead to a fire. You should be aware of all the fire risks in your home so you can put in place preventative measures and ensure you are prepared in the event one breaks out. If it does, bring in fire restoration professionals as soon as possible to clean up the fire damage. 

Here at ICE Cleaning, we have fire damage cleaning specialists stationed across the UK who are ready to make your home safe and clean again. They can remove all traces of the soot and ash from your home, dispose of the waste, and neutralise foul smoke odours. They are available day and night, 365 days a year. 

Keep reading to find out what appliances cause the most fires.  

Cooker and oven

Stoves and ovens are hazards without correct usage or upkeep. The majority of cooker-related fires stem from overheating oil or food left unattended on hot plates. The presence of flammable items near the heat source significantly increases the chance of a fire igniting, too, particularly when they are left in the vicinity. To lower the chance of a fire, it's vital to always keep an eye on your cooking, and make sure the cooker and oven are free of grease.

Compromised wiring can cause fires, as well. Regular maintenance checks by a qualified electrician can help identify issues before they escalate into serious problems. It is equally important to make sure that the area around your cooker is clear of flammable items and that you have a working smoke alarm installed nearby. You can learn more about the different fire hazards in kitchens in this blog.


Grills, both indoor and outdoor, present a significant risk for house fires. The accumulation of grease and fat can ignite if not regularly cleaned. 

To reduce the risk of fire, never leave the grill unattended while in use. It is also crucial to place grills away from flammable materials and ensure they are used in well-ventilated areas.

Regularly scrubbing down your grill after use is key to keeping the area safe. Grease build up can affect the taste of your food, too. If you use a gas grill, do not forget to check for gas leaks periodically.


An accumulation of crumbs and a malfunctioning heating element can cause a fire to break out. 

First, ensure your toaster's crumb tray and interior are free from food debris - this will keep your toaster running smoothly and reduce the chances of it sparking a fire.

Moreover, never leaving a toaster unattended during use. Many incidents occur when toasters are left operating without supervision, leading to overheated bread or internal components igniting. By staying nearby while your toast cooks, you can quickly react if something goes wrong.

Do not forget to only use a toaster according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure you do not overload it with inappropriate items like pastries or sandwiches meant for grills, or it could lead to overheating and fires.

Tumble dryer

Lint build-up in tumble dryers is one of the main causes of house fires. The accumulation of lint, which is highly flammable, can block airflow and increase temperatures to dangerous levels. Regular cleaning of the lint filter before or after each use significantly reduces this risk.

Overloading the tumble dryer also poses a fire hazard. Cramming the dryer too much hampers airflow and forces the engine to overexert, which might cause it to get very hot. Adhering to the guidelines provided by the maker for load sizes can significantly mitigate these risks.

Faulty or damaged electrical components can cause a fire to break out, as well. Signs include unusual noises, smells, or performance issues with the appliance. When you notice these warning signs, it is essential to get an expert to check and fix the problem right away for your safety.

You can find out more about what you should - and what you should not do - with your tumble dryer here

Fridge and freezer

Despite being essential for food preservation, fridges and freezers can be sources of house fires if not properly maintained. Faulty insulation and malfunctioning cooling systems significantly heighten the danger of fires breaking out.

To lower these dangers, it is vital to keep the appliance's airflow system clear and unblocked. Frequent tidying of the coils and adjacent zones averts dust build up, which could spark into flames due to components getting too hot. Moreover, monitoring the condition of electrical cords for signs of wear or damage can prevent electrical fires.

An often overlooked aspect is the placement of the fridge or freezer away from heat sources within your kitchen. This reduces operational stress on its cooling systems. You can learn more about how to safely use and maintain your fridge here


Dishwashers are less frequently associated with house fires but still present a risk if not properly maintained or used. Electrical faults due to faulty wiring or the appliance's malfunction can lead to dangerous situations.

To reduce risks, ensure that your dishwasher is installed by a professional and regularly inspected for signs of wear and tear. Also, never run the dishwasher when you are not home or while sleeping. 

Ensuring the machine stays spotless and devoid of any clutter that might catch fire is critical, too. You should regularly clean filters and make sure no flammable materials are placed near the dishwasher. 

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If it is an emergency, our fully trained technicians can be on site within a matter of hours to clean up fire damage in your property. You can find out more about the main causes of fires in this blog. 

To book your fire damage cleaning, contact our team on 0208 066 0360 or send an email to enquiries@icecleaning.co.uk

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