Sustainability In The Workplace

Friday 4th June 2021

Sophie Chambers

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What is a sustainable workplace?

A sustainable workplace balances the needs of the planet and the people to create long-term viability solutions which work alongside growing profit.

As our population grows, the demand for new housing and workplace buildings will increase. Consequently, the increase in population will also result in a rise in demand in resources, such as food, technology and transport.

Such demand puts enormous pressure on the environment. As the majority of the population are working, businesses around the world hold a sense of corporate responsibility. This puts businesses in charge of discovering ways to become more sustainable.

According to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), in 2018, 93% of individuals working in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) roles said they were satisfied on the job.

LEED companies specialise in creating workspaces with improved productivity, health and wellness. They also provide clean indoor air which contributes to employees feeling cheerful and satisfied in the workplace.

How to create a sustainable environment

The key to creating a dynamic, sustainable workplace is educating your employees. Finding ways to cut back on waste and save energy where possible, in big and little ways, will benefit everyone. You can work together to achieve your sustainability goals by:

  • Holding regular seminars
  • Sharing useful information
  • Hanging up signs around the facility
  • Sending straightforward emails
  • Offering incentives for those acting responsibly


One of the challenges of running a business is juggling the different types of costs, including salaries and workplace benefits, as well as rental costs and utility bills.

All these factors can influence the company’s budget and therefore should be taken into consideration. One focus should be working on is using energy wisely. Every employee should be enrolled on an energy saving initiative.

Here are 13 ideas to save energy:

  1. Limit artificial lights and make use of natural light.
  2. Opt for energy efficient light bulbs.
  3. Choose laptops over desktops.
  4. Advise staff to put their computers in hibernation mode if they take a break or go for a meeting.
  5. Use energy saving features on all devices and electronics e.g. printers, microwaves and air conditioners.
  6. Upgrade all outdated equipment but dispose of your old equipment in a proper way.
  7. Buy energy efficient devices.
  8. Carry out an energy audit to evaluate your overall energy efficiency.
  9. Switch off equipment when not in use.
  10. Print only when necessary.
  11. Control heating and cooling and invest in programmable thermostats.
  12. Consider installing solar panels
  13. Promote sustainability in the workplace.

Products and services

Both potential customers and staff are just as interested in corporate social responsibility (CSR) as they are products and services. Using eco-friendly, green industry business ideas will benefit your company, boosting your profits and saving the planet all at the same time.

Eco-friendly ideas:

  1. Use eco-friendly suppliers.
  2. Car share to work, business events or if your company has multiple various located jobs in a day to limit pollution.
  3. Go green – bringing shrubs and plants into your building can improve the air quality around your organisation, which is essential for employees. In addition, it can help to make your business look more aesthetic.
  4. Introduce #GreenChallenges – encourage your staff to act responsibly in return for exciting rewards.


Reviewing your company’s waste management system is an effective way to understand exactly what your business is using and throwing away.

The most common type of sustainable method you can use to track waste is ordering recycling bins for plastic, cardboard and food.

Here are 5 simple, zero-waste rules that your company can follow:

  1. Refuse what you do not need.
  2. Reduce what you need; reconsider how much stuff you need.
  3. Reuse by repurposing stuff, or by using reusable objects.
  4. Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse.
  5. Rot compost.

Our commitment to sustainability

Here at ICE Cleaning, we are continuously learning different ways that we – as a company – can work on building a sustainable future.

We aim to develop meaningful partnerships with our suppliers and contractors to work together to minimise the environmental and social impacts of our supply chain. We make all organisations that we work aware of our environmental and social criteria upon commencement.

We purchase goods which have minimal impact on the environment. We identify and eradicate unethical waste practices within our own operations and reduce consumptions where necessary.

We consider environmental and social factors in the purchasing process, where we evaluate:

  • What the product is made from
  • The durability of the product
  • Where it is made and by whom
  • The efficiency of the product during use
  • The processes involved in its production and distribution
  • The products disposal requirements

We aim to cause as little harm to the environment as possible, therefore only use eco-friendly, water-based solutions. All chemicals we use have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Our cleaning and decontamination solutions are non-hazardous, non-corrosive and non-flammable. All solutions are also non-odorous and do not contain:

  • Chlorine
  • Bleach
  • Alcohol
  • Solvents

Get in touch

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With trained professionals situated in a variety of locations across the country, we can be on site within just 60 minutes of your call. We aim to cause as little disruption as possible, so have technicians are available around the clock to find a time that fits around your daily schedule.

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